3 Step Formula – Online Lead Generation and Conversion


This is a fully comprehensive and extensive Action Plan.

In it I am finally going to reveal the TRUTH to you…  I'll show you what it really takes to earn the dream $10,000+ per month in Network marketing online, everyone wants to achieve…

Building a Network Marketing (MLM) business is no easy task.  For many, it can involve rejection from friends and family, chasing strangers (and again rejection), attrition of any downline you do manage to build – the experience can quickly become frustrating. Even downright de-moralising!

I understand – I experienced it all myself!  That frustration ends here… today 🙂

When you try to use online marketing skills, if you've been trying to go it alone you run the risk of drowning in a sea of info products, “guru’s” training’s, and different specialty “ninja” techniques that will overwhelm, frustrate, and cost you tons of money.
Fact is, you need to have a simplified blueprint – a game plan – that is laid out for you in order to have success with your business.
Plus you need a way to leverage off of the work of others and use tools, training and resources which have been created to help you.

In short… you need a 3 Step Formula for success.

In the 3 Step Formula below we share with you the most critical elements of online business building that will allow you to easily grasp the fundamentals and provide you with a step by step formula – an Action Plan – to get profitable results for your business in the fastest way possible.
When you first read this through, if you are new to online marketing it might seem complicated. Don't Worry!  Walking seemed complicated when you could only crawl. Remember we're here to help you every step of the way!
Plus we will point you to plenty of options which you can use when you are starting out.  Options with much of the process ‘done-for-you' which WE ourselves used when WE were first starting out!
Another thing you should know is we're straight-talkers.  We're ‘in the trenches' applying these skills right now. We will only share with you exactly what we're doing right now in our business.
And for full disclosure – some of the resources we point you to in this free report are affiliate links, others are not. Some are free others are resources you need to pay for.  These are ALL resources we are currently using and we recommend them because they work!
Which ones you choose to use yourself is obviously up to you…

The 3 Step Formula – Outline

We’ve been focused on these fundamentals with a select group of online entrepreneurs and the breakthroughs that have occurred are nothing short of phenomenal.

So let’s break it down for you in more detail so that you know exactly what I’m talking about and why you need a 3 Step Formula.

1. Build Your Audience – ONLY people who are already interested in your niche and biz model

2. Engage Your Audience – turn your audience into an endless warm list (missing or ineffective implementation of this step is why 95% people fail online)
3. Sell To Your Audience – Sale of products/signups into your business and at the same time creating cash flow (a business without cash flow is destined to fail from the start)

The # 1 Mistake Made By Most Online Marketers

The mistake most people make when they start out online, is to simply use the internet to either share their biz opp or affiliate links or to pay for solo ads (or other forms of ads) directly to their company links.
Sometimes people even join multiple social media platforms and groups to simply paste links to their biz opp or affiliate links with the hope that someone will somehow see THEIR link and want to buy.


Unfortunately, if you are simply sharing your affiliate or biz opp links or spending money on advertising which leads directly to your company links – even if you make a couple of sales – this is not a lasting or profitable business model.

In the long run you will either make a small amount of money (but you leave a LOT of money on the table) or, more likely you'll lose money.
Online marketing is about getting your offer, your business/products in front of the right audience. It is about attracting people TO YOU.
Follow this 3 Step Formula and you will no longer need to go out and find people.  
This is called Attraction Marketing
So one of the most important things you can do it identify your target market.  Most often this is easier than you think.  Think about it, your target market is probably a lot like you… What are you struggling with right now? Why did you join your business?
OK… So what are YOU looking for, to help with those problems?  Right… THOSE are the kinds of things you need to be able to offer to people online in order to attract them.
Any aha moments yet?
You MUST first attract people with a simple solution to their initial problem (for example, it might be that they've run out of people to talk to about their business or they want to learn how to monetize their business – or it might be something health related!)
***Before you start freak out and getting all overwhelmed with that thought*** 
 1. This 3 Step Formula will walk you through the steps
       2. This 3 Step Formula will also show you places/tools/resources
(all of which we personally use, and get results with right now
       3. This 3 Step Formula will also share some done-for-you solutions. 
           (great options if you are short of time or new)
If you still feel you need a better understanding of Attraction Marketing before proceeding through the 3 Step Formula. I recommend you go throught this Free Bootcamp by my friend Ferny Ceballos:

Let's Look More Closely At The Steps Required

Must Have Resources

Let's Get You Completely SET UP FOR SUCCESS!
(Scroll down for further explanations and clear examples!)
1. Create a Facebook Fan Page (free) https://www.facebook.com/pages/create/
Always brand YOU and not your company (unless of course you actually own the company you want to brand) 
Add a professional-looking profile/cover image.
2. An Email Auto-responder – This is a platform which allows you to send out a ready-made set of E-mails to people and to ‘mass-communicate' with many people at once through E-mail. I recommend Aweber. You can get a Free 30 Day Trial Of Aweber Here
3. A Capture-page creator – You need this to generate (capture) your leads. There are several platforms which offer capture page and sales funnels templates. I recommend Click Funnels It is very use-friendly and you can import funnels which have been created by other people.  Or for ready-made capture pages see below.
4. A YouTube account – videos can be an incredibly powerful part of your marketing strategy. From branding right through to lead generation and sales pages. It is easy to create a free account. First setup a Free Gmail Account Here.  Then you can setup your Free YouTube account.
5. Optional, but a powerful additional resource, is to have your own WordPress blog.  You can outsource the creation of your blog in several places online.  That way, all you need to do is to write blog posts!  I Initially outsourced the creation of my blog through Upwork.com (free – then you choose who you want to work with – I paid around $150 for the entire thing)  Upwork.com

Attraction Marketing Basics – Brand Yourself

Before We Dive Into The Simple 3 Step Formula…


First Understand WHY You'll be Taking These Steps.  Then We'll Cover The How.

Perhaps you're asking “Why do I need to brand myself?”

My guess is that so far you’ve been telling people about your…. “cutting edge product” or the “amazing leadership” or “comp plan” or about the perfect timing of a “system”.
Am I right?  If so the first thing you need to realise is that NONE OF THOSE THINGS are the reason why people will buy from you or join you.
Those are simply the things which people use to logically justify an emotional decision. You see…All buying decisions are emotional decisions. Logic is only used to justify the purchase.

The real reason people buy is

1. There was a problem, need or desire in their life which needed a solution

2. They trust the person who they are buying from or joining

Don’t look at the internet as a place to “get people”. See it as a place to grow your list, then turn those people into your WARM MARKET.
When a prospect with a problem finds you online they are really part of a pretty cold market. Hopefully they are in your target audience, but the ‘know, like and trust’ factor isn’t there yet.
It is when you provide them valuable information to develop this relationship that BINGO….
They become a buyer!
Get it?
Right, now lets talk briefly about how to build your brand then move on to building that list and developing that trust! (steps 2 and 3)

What Do You Stand For?

One of the best ways to create an online presence is to make it very loud and clear to your audience about what you stand for.
People literally need to see you and hear you standing up online and saying:
“This is what I am about!”
This is important when creating an online presence because when a new fan, lead, or follower is getting to know you and your online presence for the first time you will want to make them aware of…
1. What is important to you
2. Why they should listen to you
3. How you can help them with their problems
For example, one thing I stand for is to always be teaching people exactly what I am using right now – I'm in the trenches doing all this stuff myself!
I also only ever share resources and tools I am using right now in my business (so I know they work!)

Know Your Audience and Who You're Talking To 

You probably hear a lot about “target market” and “customer avatar” and for a very good reason…
It’s important!
One of the most important things you can do is understand your audience and speak directly to them and their pains/problems.
In order to do this you must first come to understand the pains and struggles that you’re audience is going through.
To do this my advice is this…
Divide a piece of paper into 2 halves.
On 1 half write down a list of the top 5-10 problems that your target audience is currently experiencing (as explained above, these are probably similar to your own)
On the other half start researching ways to help your audience solve those problems

The 3 Step Formula!

When you know your audience AND you can provide solutions to their problems then you will make massive strides towards building an attractive and intriguing online brand and presence.

YES – one of those solutions CAN be your product(s). Or any of the resources/tools we recommend in this 3 Step Formula.

So Lets dive into The 3 Step Formula:

Step 1 – Build Your List (your audience)

To be clear, any person who you connect with online who becomes part of your audience because they have an interest in what you have to say….is a lead.  (For example anyone who connects with you on Facebook.)

However….the most valuable asset you can create online is an Email List.

It’s been said time and time again that “the money is in the list”.  These are people who are kept by YOU not your company.  They are in your niche, therefore interested in your offers.
Building an email list isn’t as hard as you may think.

A Brief Outline

This is the process of capturing the contact information of people in your target audience; People who exchange their contact details (Email address) for something of value to them.
All it needs is a ‘capture page' – the form they fill-out, (see examples below) and some kind of free or low cost ‘offer'. This is something which your TARGET AUDIENCE needs, something of value to them. It might be a free E-book or Free training or even registration to a webinar.
The content of value to your target audience is known as your ‘Lead Magnet'.  It acts like a magnet for you to grow your list!
Ideally the ‘free offer' has been created by YOU, but there are plenty of ‘done-for-you' options for when you start out.

What Do I Do With Their Email Addresses?

Simply use an Email system such as Aweber.  Aweber is very user-friendly and, in my opinion the best out there.  This way you build up your own targeted audience online. You then send your audience a series of automated Emails to build a relationship with those people. (more on that in Step 2)
To make this whole process MUCH easier, you can leverage our Emails at the beginning.  We'll show you exactly how to ‘load them up' in Aweber so that the entire process is automated 🙂 You can even make them sound like they're from you!

This is how you turn a cold set of leads into your Warm List! Continue to build on that relationship, THEN you have a chance of converting those leads into buyers and/or signups.

Below is an example of a capture page for a ‘Facebook Cheat Sheet'
Notice the irresistible headline, clear description and stand-out optin box
You can easily create them yourself in Click Funnels (or leverage ready-made ones). Then simply place your capture page in front of your related free-offer and link it to Aweber to collect the E-mail addresses and start building your list (the jargon term is ‘integrate' with Aweber)
This can be a simple PDF file of something as simple as “how to get your first lead online!” You can even grab someone elses YouTube video sharing something useful and place the Click Funnels page in front of it (people do not mind you sharing their videos). Boom, you'll get leads!
Or, if you are brand new, simply place it in front of a ready-made offer if you have access to one, for example those provided in Elite Marketing Pro

Step 1 Continued… Lead Generation Strategies

– Search Engine Optimization (SEO): This is simply how you get a website/ page or video to ‘rank' in the search engines. So that when people type in a ‘keyword' your offer is at the top of the page, in the form of a website page or video.
Facebook marketing: There are both paid and free strategies to use on Facebook
Video Marketing: Using videos to promote your offer.
Solo-Ads: This basically means you are utilizing someone else's E-mail list. You send them a link to your offer, they send an E-mail to THEIR list.
Other strategies include Twitter, Bing, Instagram and Pay Per View (PPV)
The basic process is that you use one of the above strategies to Generate Leads.


Today We are going to Stick with A Proven Facebook Lead Generation Strategy:

Penny Kelley recently recorded this short 15 minute video to show you the EXACT steps to take to generate leads on Facebook.

This is a fantastic strategy to use when you are new to online marketing because it is simple to set up and FAST.

We'll be covering plenty of other strategies in our upcoming E-mails (so OPEN UP!)

Simply Click The Video Below and watch the short tutorial (free)

This Is Part Of The Exact Strategy You Will Be Walked Through – Step-by-Step 

With Your Personal Ignition Coach and Traffic Coach

Step 2 – Engage Your Audience

(your follow-up strategy)

Now You Need To ‘Warm Up' Your List!

The BEST WAY to ensure your leads convert into sales/signups, so that you earn an income online is to use An Email Sequence and Relevant Content!  That way you can actually turn ‘cold leads' into a Warm List!
This is known as your Follow-up.  VERY FEW people will buy from you immediately.  Sometimes it can take people days, weeks or even longer on your list, absorbing your follow-ups, before they decide to buy from you…
It is through your Emails and content that you will build a relationship with your leads. By building trust and rapport with those people you have an increased chance of converting them into buyers.

But I'm completely new… where and how to I find/create Emails and CONTENT?!?!

People often ask this question…I know I did! Don't worry!
First of all, we've got you covered on the Emails.  When you're new you can simple use our pre-written emails. We'll walk you through how to set them up to automatically be sent out to people when they first get on your email list.
For content – again you can share some of our ‘done-for-you' content (blog posts/videos/webinars)
When you start to write your own its actually Much Easier Than You Might Be Thinking!

It is EASY to find content.  You just need to be consistent with the process:

Invest – Learn – Teach.
So, simply make it a habit of visiting the blog posts of other leaders – start with ours:
http://angelaboswellblog.com or http://pennyskelley.com/
Visiting The Facebook pages of other leaders.
Attending training webinars of other leaders.
Then, and this is critical… every time you learn something new… SHARE IT!
1 webinar can provide you with enough notes to be able to create several pieces of content!  Simple outline what you have learned in an E-mails.  Or record a quick 1 to 2 minute video and upload it to YouTube.  Or create a Facebook update and share what you have learned.

Here are some other examples of formats for your content to share with your growing list and/or on your Facebook page and YouTube channel:

List Post:

Create a list of books, tools, or other resources that you find useful for your business and share them with your audience.

“How To”

Describe how to do something useful and the process that is required to do it.

Check List

If your message or training can be broken down into a specific check list it will serve to help visual or analytic people who crave a step by step process. Often this is an easy way for people to learn or digest the information required to accomplish the desired goal.

Interview Post

One of the more powerful pieces of content you can provide to your audience is a an interview from an established and successful person within your niche.

Review Post

Write a review of a tool or system that you use or an event you attended. You can also use this strategy to promote a product, system or event – which can be a very powerful way of earning affiliate commissions for tools and resources you use.
Always have in mind an ‘end-result' for your content.  So, do you want to generate a new lead through the content? Do you want to build your brand? Do you want people to click on a link?
Whatever that ‘end-result', make sure you have a strong ‘call-to-action' to TELL PEOPLE WHAT TO DO NEXT!  (Don't worry I even show you how you can access done-for-you content below)

Step 3 – How To Sell To Your Audience and  Monetize Your Business

In Other Words… Sales and Signups Into Your MLM Business

While at the same time… Generating CASH FLOW

First Understand

Pitching 1 Product or Business Opportunity is NOT an effective monetization strategy.
Your MLM is an important part of your strategy, but you MUST also have cashflow coming into your business while you build.
Or you will quickly spend yourself out of business! (BTW all industry leaders have this in place

Why Not?

Because if you rely on selling just one product range or recruiting into 1 business… You're losing out on 97% people who find you online!

The Mistake Most Make?

Most people keep promoting their 1 ‘Thing’ over and over again!
Some start to try to sell other low-priced, affiliate products… typical affiliate commissions = 10% to 20%
This is a start… but again, not an effective monetization strategy.

The Key

Understanding that:

An Existing Customer is 54% More Likely To Buy From You Again Than A New Customer is to buy from you. 

How Do Successful Marketers Use That Knowledge?

A small percentage of those who become your customers will purchase your MLM products.
Those who do… might become recruits and/or repeat customers for your MLM – yay!
But if you stop here… you’re leaving A LOT of money on the table.

Much Better and More Profitable Solution

Have other offers – For example become an affiliate for tools, resources, training courses you are using in your own business.
Have a ‘tiered product mix’ (don’t panic at the jargon!)
Have a variety of products at a variety of price points
We’ll share the exact tools/resources we are currently using in our business

99% Of Marketers Miss This Out!

(and then wonder why they're not turning a profit)

Include At Least 1 Profit Maximizer

That means at least one ‘high price-point product' $1000 and Up.

The Golden Rule Of Marketing


To Monetize You Must Have Leverage

The 3 Step formula outlined above includes everything you need, step-by-step.

However, if you are new to online marketing – or have not yet reached your income goals. There is probably 1 thing still missing… LEVERAGE!

Don’t complicate things by creating lead magnets, capture pages, and content and then worry about split testing and copywriting, etc. Instead, you MUST leverage a system where most of those aspects are already done for you so you can focus on just a few things to get results .

The business model I outlined above, does provide most of the leverage required.  However, there is still 1 piece of the puzzle which is missing…. Of course, we have filled it 🙂


Using our website you can leverage all of our proven high-converting capture pages, sales funnels and done-for-you Emails and content.
While at the same time recieving personalised support through our Ignition coaches and our personal 1-on-1 support/training and tutorials.
So if you’re ready to get significant results in your online business it’s time to get serious!
Our team can help you simplify your online business, do less and get paid more through the power of leveraging our done for you content, tap into our fully branded systems, get access to one of our 1 on 1 coaches who will work with you 1 on 1 personally.

You get All of the following when you decide to join us today

Access to a state-of-the-art online marketing system:
Marketing Resources – to master the art of ‘attraction marketing
High-Converting Affiliate Offers – make money, even if people don’t join your business
Fully Automated System – so you can recruit and/or make money while sleeping
FAST ACTION BONUS #1 ($197.00 Value – FREE):
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Additional Fast-Mover Bonuses, exclusive to our team

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CLICK HERE to learn more specifically about how our 3 Step Formula has simplified the online marketing process for countless other marketers and how it can do the same for you.
Here’s to your success!
Angela Boswell and Penny Kelley


Capture page example

Facebook Fan Page Example

Thank you for requesting the 3 Step Formula!
As always, We're committed to helping entrepreneurs like you succeed online.
You Can Access More Information about how to access our help HERE.
Here’s to your success!
Angela Boswell



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