How To Attract YOUR Ideal Clients… with ease!

People DON'T buy products!


People buy what they BELIEVE it will get them (the result).

Understanding this is key when you are marketing online.

You must understand the real value of your product or service…

For example… nobody buys a gym membership because they want to spend hours at the gym.

They buy the membership because they want to get fit.

Or maybe even more powerful…

… they want to feel better about themselves when they look in the mirror!

Once you fully understand the real value of your product you’ll be able to sell more of it and help more people.

In Week 1 of my “5 weeks to Lead and Client Attraction Mastery” Program we will work through this critical step together.

Start With Pain

Know your target audience, their pains, and what keeps them up at night.

The best way to understand your audience’s pain is to create a Customer Avatar…

… and wrap your message and marketing around your customer avatar.

Your marketing needs to address the “pains” your customer avatar is experiencing.

Make them aware of their pain and how your product will alleviate that pain.

How Does Knowing My Customers Pain Help Me?

When you can make them realize how business or their life will suffer if this problem isn’t fixed…

Is when they will BUY from you!

Paint a picture of what life will look like if this “pain” never goes away.

For example what kinds of things will they NOT be able to do?

At that point, with the right steps in place, you can literally place your product in front of them…

This is exactly what I will personally be helping you with step-by-step in my “5 weeks to Lead and Client Attraction Mastery” Program.

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  • Paul Faria

    Reply Reply November 16, 2017

    Hey Angela, short, sweet and to the point! I love how you mention creating the avatar and presenting based on that. There are so many network marketers today that focus on their product and want to push push push rather than understand what is important to the prospect and what they’re actually looking for. Great post!

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