3 Simple Steps To Rank Videos On YouTube & Google

Scared of creating videos? Don’t be. Video marketing, and specifically YouTube is an incredible site to create videos that market your services, educate your viewers and create a massive online following.

Fact – it is MUCH easier to rank a VIDEO on Google than it is to rank a website.

Imagine 100's of new visitors to your website…

…because they have learned about you from your video! You have put your website link at the bottom or as a clickable link on your video.

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How Do You Get Your Video In Front Of The Right People?

However, in order to use YouTube effectively for marketing a business or building a brand, there has to be a way for someone to actually see your video on YouTube if they aren’t subscribed to your channel. The best way to get people to see your videos on YouTube and potentially on Google as well, is to get your videos to rank for a keyword your potential prospects are searching for.

This is actually easier than you probably imagine right now.  It takes 2 components:

  • The keyword they’re targeting for their video
  • Backlinks (If you have no idea what this word means, don’t worry. We’ll save this topic for another post.)

The great news is, if you execute keyword research effectively, you can get your videos to rank without doing any backlinking. Here are 3 simple steps to finding the ideal keyword to create a killer YouTube video that ranks on YouTube and Google.

Step One: Start With Your Offer

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Whenever I’m going to shoot a new video that I want to rank on YouTube or Google, I always think about where I’ll be sending my viewer at the end of my video.

This gives me a better idea of a topic my potential viewers might be looking for, which makes it easier for me to identify keywords they may be searching for on the internet.

Ideas For Where You Can Send Your Viewers:

  • Product
  • Blog Post
  • Fan Page
  • Another YouTube Video
  • Automated Webinar/Training
  • Survey for Coaching
  • Discounted Coupon for your Store/shop

Hand with marker writing the word Keywords

Step 2: The Key Ingredients To Finding Your Ideal Keyword

A great marketer ranks a video by thinking like their ideal customer. The more you can think like your customer… the easier it’ll be to find your ideal keyword!

To Get The Keyword Juices Flowing (start an ongoing list of):

  • Pains and struggles (most people search the internet for problems)
  • Household names of products, services or leaders you compete with
  • Questions your customer needs answers to (“why can’t I lose weight”, “how to train for a marathon”)

Then Start The Keyword Search!

One of the best tools I still recommend is the Google Keyword Planner. Why? Well think about it, when you’re searching for an answer to a question or problem you have, what do you do? You Google it! You enter a keyword into Google to find an answer.

As a marketer, knowing how many people search for a keyword each month on Google would be pretty beneficial right? Since Google owns YouTube, Google is more likely to feature YouTube videos targeting a given keyword more than any other video site.

All you need is a Gmail account to set up your free Google Adwords account. You can access the keyword planner by clicking here, just make sure you’re signed into your gmail account.

When you’re using the Google Keyword Planner, here are some critical components to look out for when picking your ideal keyword:

  • Generic v. Specific: Bigger is not always better for picking a keyword to target. The more generic keywords (lose weight, get leads, be healthy) are typically already targeted by bigger companies in your niche. Instead, the easiest keywords to rank for are more specific keyword phrases called long tail keywords.
    • Some examples are:
      • How to ___________, What is ____________, How to __________ fast, The best way to __________, Ways to _____________. Examples: “The best weight loss program for moms”, “How to lose weight fast”, “What is the best diet”, “Ways to exercise”, “I need to lose weight”, “Weight loss ebooks”
  • Search Volume v. Competition: This means how many people search for your keyword each month v. how many other videos/articles on Google are already created for that keyword. Obviously the more searches and less competition there are each month for your keyword the better.

man with binoculars and camera control someone

Step 3: Check Out Your Competition

Before you start shooting your video…

…always make sure you check you’re competition. Search the keyword you picked in Google and YouTube and check out your competition.

See what videos are ranked holding the #1, #2 and #3 spots on Google and YouTube, then watch the videos. This is a great way for you to see what value your competition is already giving your viewer so you can create a video that sets you apart from the rest.

Make sure to take notes on:

  • What content do they cover in their video?
  • How long is the video?
  • Where are they sending the viewer at the end of the video?
  • Are there any gaps or services these current videos don’t offer?
  • Does my product, service, training fill those gaps?
  • Is this keyword relevant to what I market judging by my competition?

Keyword research may sound tedious, but if you’re planning on using any search engine to rank your videos or content, it’s a must!

If you really don't want to do the keyword research yourself, then I recommend you outsource it.  Go to Fiverr.com and search for ‘Keyword Research'. Just be sure to choose someone with a good rating, check their testimonials and ALWAYS reach out the first. Ask them questions – make a judgement based on how quickly and how thoroughly they have answered your questions.

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