How To Setup, Run and Optimize Simple EFFECTIVE Facebook Ads

How To Setup, Run and Optimize Simple EFFECTIVE Facebook Ads

Before I start – If you're looking for a way to increase your ‘organic' reach on Facebook (unpaid reach) I highly recommend the tool I talk about in my recent post: “Easy Way To Increase Organic Reach”

Enjoy the webinar on which we shared how to create simple EFFECTIVE Facebook Ads.

Excuse the ‘just got back from the gym look' lol 🙂

For tips to create a high-converting Facebook Fanpage see my post here:
Kick-Start Your Facebook Fanpage in 4 Simple Steps

What you will learn:

  • Facebook Ads Overview explanation of each of the different types of ads you can create on Facebook
  • New Ad Manager Overview guided walk through of how to navigate the Ads Manager of Facebook
  • How To Create a Likes Ad Step by step instructions on how to create your very first likes ad to start getting likes to you Facebook Fan page and building brand awareness.
  • Creating Page Post Engagement Ads Step by step guided walk through of how to create an effective page post engagement ad to get more reach with your targeted audience.
  • Ad Image Creation Step by step tutorial of our favourite image resources that will guarantee to get you more engagement on your posts and ads.

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