Is It Possible To Do a Terrible Pitch And Still Makes Sales?

Yes, you can.  In fact I would go as far as to say you can make a lot of mistakes when you talk about your network marketing business and yet still have people wanting to become a customer and teammate.

This is quite a twist on my usual advice… as its a strategy I no longer use myself. But it CAN work like gangbusters.

I know this because it is just what happened to one of my coaching clients last week, who is a completely new to her home business.

Let me explain.  And give you 5 simple tweaks you can make right now.

We were on the phone, having what some would consider a ‘controversial conversation'. You see, when I started my own business 4 years ago, it was quite a shock to most of my friends and family…

…when I told them I wasn't going back to my teaching job after having my twin girls (which I loved and was incredibly good at) and instead…

I was going to build a business from home and replace teacher’s salary.

While I knew it was controversial, I DIDN'T expect quite so many conversations which started with…

“So what’s that thing you’re doing? I just don’t get it.”

“Are you actually making any money yet with that thing you’re doing?”

“When are you going to start looking for a teaching job again?”

If you’re getting similar questions right now, keep moving forward with what you believe in because…

A funny thing happens once you keep your head down, focus on your goals, take consistent focused action on your business and then start to see success.

Especially after I started to earn enough to replace my teaching salary and comfortably stay at home with my, then 3 year old twin girls.

Strangely enough, I even started to have some of my friends asking for advice because they were now starting up their own businesses from home.

Would you like that? To have friends and family asking you for business advice when you no longer need them as customers or teammates?

For me, that’s when I felt like I could make the biggest impact. I’d already dragged myself through the learning process by making many mistakes, but also learned what actually worked effectively.

So that I could save people time avoiding the mistakes, which was great 🙂

So back to making mistakes when you pitch your business, and 5 effective tweaks you can make…

The conversation we had was about her ‘phone pitch' when she first talked to her friends and family, or others she knew, to see if they'd be interested in the business or the products.

Personally, I've since chosen a completely different strategy 100% online which you can learn about HERE

But for those who want to continue to use this ‘more traditional' method I do always offer advice.

After all, for some it is the way they want to go… at least until they inevitably reach the end of their warm list.

So here is the reason companies suggest to start with talking to friends and family (and why it works for some as an initial strategy)…

Plus the advice I offered her to tweak the strategy.

Tweaks You Could Make To Your Strategy To Make More Sales In Your Business

First understand, as someone who has built my business online, a lot of this conversation ‘went against the grain' for me.

I now usually give advice to business owners who have already been through this process and reach the end of their ‘warm list'…

Or who are actually too worried about starting out that way in the first place.

So, before I talk through the advice I gave this lady to USE that strategy more effectively.  If you'd rather learn a different approach this Free 10 Day Bootcamp will teach you the strategy I now use in my own online business.

The reason it CAN work as an initial strategy is because you are talking to people who know, like and (hopefully) already trust you.

Tweak #1: Start By Setting a Time Expectation

This initial call to share your business should only take 5 minutes. This is not a call to catch up with everything.

So, start by telling him/her the conversation is going to be short.

By doing this your friend/family member will KNOW you're not going to go into detail about something or try to ‘sell' them something..

Tweak #2: Use This Effective Story Telling Strategy

Storytelling is one of the most powerful skills you can use for marketing your business, however, too often once you start telling your story it becomes all about you. For this initial call, the best way to use your story is with this framework:

  • This is what I’ve been doing (be very brief)
  • This is what I was introduced to so I can (in my clients case, stay home with her family)
  • This is what it’s doing for me and others
  • I thought of you
  • Are you be open to hearing more about what I’m doing to make some extra money from home and how I’m ________ (speak of a benefit you’re getting from your product)?

Tweak #3: Sell More By Doing Less Work

A mistake a LOT of people make here (including me when I was using this strategy) is to talk too much and in too much detail.

You do not (in fact must not!) talk as if you're an expert about the company or products.  Doing this will talk people OUT of a sale.

Instead use tools and resources which are provided. Things like:

  • Sales pages
  • Free giveaways
  • Opportunity videos
  • Team trainings

Remember, people need to believe they can build the business too.

Keep it simple.

Tweak #4: Your First Call Is Not About Closing Anyone

For more on exactly what to SAY to people when you talk about your business – whether that be via FB messages/phone or in person – See my post HERE: ‘7 Tips For Successful Selling And Recruiting”

Sounds silly, yes? But if you take out this expectation, you’ll actually profit more in the long run.

The initial call is just to see if they may be interested.

To see if they want to know more and then point them to a resource… then

Tweak #5 Schedule In Your Next Call!

Ask them how soon they can talk again and actually schedule in a call.

How To Make a Terrible Pitch For Your Business, Yet Still Make Sales and a Profit…

So yes, my clients initial sales pitch wasn’t great, in fact, it sounded exactly like mine when I first started. However, she still made some sales.

How did this happen?  And why it is so widely taught?

Because those people already know, like and trust her.

So some people she spoke to… she shared with them valuable information to help them … they signed up.

The best part is…

I’ve since learned how to build my business and have strangers reach out to me asking me how they can get what I'm selling and you can do the same…

When you look at this 10 day bootcamp I went through by clicking here.

This was the initial bootcamp which completely changed how I built my business from home.

Especially if …

  • You’ve run your initial list of 100 people you know
  • You’re posting your business links everywhere and aren’t making sales
  • You’d rather not approach your family members and friends and are looking for ideal customers and teammates already interested in what you have to offer
  • You’d like to make sales on autopilot without having to make cold calls daily and set up a process that’ll bring you in leads and close sales for you on autopilot

Check out this 10 day bootcamp here and let me know what you think!

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