First Step To Make More Money?

Want to know the very first step to make more money?

The first step to take is actually a shift in mindset.  I remember the first time I learned this was one of the biggest aha moments of my entrepreneurial journey so far…

The Mindset Shift You Must First Make

Think about all the people in your life who you pay money to.  Ask yourself..

“what you are paying for?”

The overwhelming majority of those people or services, you are paying them in exchange for something which solves a problem for you.

For example, your problem might be dirty windows – you can opt to pay a window cleaner.

So what IS that first step?

Start to think of money as a RESULT.

The majority of people simply stop at ‘I want to make more money' or “I wish I had more money”.

They say the sentence (perhaps many times each day!) But they don't look at money as what it actually is…

A Result.

Instead they are looking at money as something they don't have.

Let's look at it a slightly different way… Would you simply WISH you had a clean house?  (well some might lol)

But for most, you don't simply wonder how to make your house clean… you know the steps you need to take to make your house clean. Right?

Whether or not you choose to take those steps is up to you.

However, for some reason, people don't see money in the same way.  But money IS a result!  You can't just wish for it.  Sure some people get lucky and if you have a ‘lottery ticket' mentality, this post is probably not for you.

But if you instead want to take action now to make more money. Then the first step is to understand that money is a result.

The BEST part is… (if you're in the right mindset right now this will get you fired up and excited!)

Everyone can do something right now which will solve a problem others face and make a profit.

So How Can You Apply This Concept To Marketing Your Business Online?

Simple. You need to think of the process of marketing your business online in exactly the same way.

First, consider what problems your customers are facing which your product or service can solve.

Then, rather than diving in immeditately for the ‘sell', instead learn how to dig into those problems and then position your product as something which solves a problem.

As soon as you can do that, the ‘selling' part becomes easy.

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