Is The Entrepreneurial Dream Real?

I used to lie in bed at night desperately worried.

Worried about our finances. Worried about our family’s future..

But, most of all worried about the consequences of having to sacrifice my time with our 3 year old twins, to return to work.

Time I had so treasured up to that point…
I’d seen their first smiles. Heard their first laughs. Witnessed their first steps.

Was I really going to have to give all that up and return to full-time work as a teacher?

Today I’d like to briefly share my story with you…

…in the hope that it will provide you with a little motivation and inspiration to keep going.profile_002

You see, as I write this I'm playing with my twin girls in the park. I picked them up from school, and as usual we’ve diverted from our trip home to have some fun!

I’m now living my entrepreneurial dream, picking my kids up from school, and spending quality time with them.

Instead of working the long, inflexible hours I was, forced to collect them from daycare late in the day.

Would that hurt them? Probably not.

But personally, I’d much rather enjoy that quality time with them myself. While they’re still young.

And more importantly, THEY want me to be there with them.

But it wasn't always this way for me…

If you have dreams of becoming a successful entrepreneur and living YOUR dream…

But you’re wondering if, perhaps you don’t have what it takes?

I GET IT… to keep going as an entrepreneur can be a daily struggle.

And many lose that struggle. I don’t want that to happen to you.


I was feeling that way not so long ago.

There will be dips and turns along the way. Such is the nature of entrepreneurship.

But achieving your dream IS possible.

Now that I've helped many people get started creating additional income streams online, I can tell you that once you figure it out, life dramatically changes.

I love teaching and helping children (and in many ways I miss it).

The problem was that teaching alone, didn't give me the income and the lifestyle I wanted for our family.

I knew there must be a way to use my teaching skills to create income outside the classroom, but I had no idea where to start.

That's when I sought and found a mentor and I finally ‘got it'.

Now I've ‘made it', I want to give back. For anyone who is eager, or lost, or confused about where to start.

I share my brief story with you now.

More importantly, I offer you a solution.

A way for me to help you to reach your goals and achieve your dreams.

Once I had tasted my first taste of entrepreneurship and all the positives it can bring. I was hooked.

frustrationBut not long after starting, the struggle quickly followed suit.

For me the struggle started when I'd exhausted all my offline approaches to marketing my business.

I talked to everyone I knew. I talked to strangers. I printed flyers. Ordered samples. Spoke to countless people on the phone.

Result…? Nothing. Unless you count frustration as a result!

I decided I would try marketing my business online.

Result…? A whole new can of worms!

I created a website (which very few visited). I advertised (with few results). I sent messages to everyone I knew.

I ended up overwhelmed, confused and to be brutally honest… I was on the brink of quitting.

That's when I watched a video which quite literally changed my life.

Nope, I’m not about to pitch you with a sales video… read on 🙂

The guy was talking about ‘learning the skills of online marketing'. Actual skills you could learn and apply to market your business online…

And actually achieve success!

Was it a ‘magic button'? Of course not.

Are there some short-cuts. Yes! Use leverage (which I can walk you through)

Don't reinvent the wheel! It's NOT necessary!

But the important part is this:


And now I teach others to do the same…

The best part is, I've learned how to cut the learning curve for others.

You have to simplify and use leverage.

Marketing online can actually be broken down into 3 main steps:

1. Build your targeted audience.
2. Engage your audience.
3. Sell to your audience.

Apply those 3 steps in their simplest form and you will achieve results:

Learn just ONE strategy to build your audience
Use just ONE platform/strategy to engage your audience
Use and apply just ONE strategy to promote your business

Once you start to see results…. THEN, and only then should you branch out and learn more.

Most important of all. You HAVE to take action!kickstart

DO NOT expect perfection.

DO NOT become disheartened when things sometimes flop…(they will)

The secret is to have a mentor and community to help you when things are tough.

I want to help YOU by the end of 2017 achieve REAL, measurable results with your business online.

I can can and will help you – but you have to take a small action first.

Reach out to me personally HERE  for a free strategy call.

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Best of all… its 100% Free 🙂

So, if you understand there is NO push button solution to marketing any business online…

and at the same time… that you CAN make the learning process fun.

You understand you need to commit to becoming a professional and be willing to invest your time to learn the skills.

You are ready to commit to achieving your dreams…

No matter what your business model.

Then let's go!

I look forward to connecting with you and helping you achieve your goals.

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