All That Glitters Is Not Gold…

When I 1st started online I was very driven, very focused and my strategy was video marketing.

I'd picked a product which I knew would help others as well as bring in that much needed cash-flow for my family.

I learned all about video marketing, dived into action and got results!

THEN it happened…

I was afflicted by what I talk about below… this very REAL affliction. And I ended up distracted. Overwhelmed. Confused.

Instead of the new ‘thing' (in my case it was a new strategy) enhancing my results. My results plummeted.

You see…

Things Glitter at you When You're Online.

Programs, courses, products, strategies.  Can all become lit up, SHINY through fantastic marketing.

Many people become ‘hoppers' (please don't)

If this resonates with you.  First of all understand the reasons for it:

  1. A lack of confidence in yourself.
    Result = not giving anything enough TIME or enough focus
  2.  A lack of confidence in your current ‘thing' (product, strategy, program etc).
    Result = ‘hopping'

The Affliction Is Shiny Object Syndrome!

A very REAL affliction which hits many of us at some point, particularly when we are marketing online. But actually can affect us anywhere at any time.

(My 7 year olds seem to be constantly afflicted whenever we go anywhere lol)

I explain everything in this short video as well as 3 ways you can avoid it yourself.

Because the fact is – I've WATCHED it actually be the downfall of many a potential successful entrepreneur. And I don't want you to become another victim.

It Has Personally Affected Me Too

I explain it all in this video (and below) as well as what you can do about it!

Here's What You Can Do:

For more on how to avoid overwhelm and keep going until you achieve your main goals See This Post

FOCUS.  You must give anything at least 60 to 90 days of focus before realistically saying ‘its not working'.

Yes you must invest in your business – but must be the RIGHT THINGS at the RIGHT TIME

Ask yourself – is this xyz in alignment with your vision for your business and your goals for next 60 to 90 days.

Will this potential investment ENHANCE your current results

The truth is, ideas come along all the time. Ideas are NOT worth millions of dollars, the ability to execute an idea can be though.

It is ALL about how you execute your ideas to create more results that makes you powerful.

Many times we, as entrepreneurs, can get distracted by new ideas that muddle our action plan to achieve our goals.

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