How Your Subject Line Could Be Killing Your Content

Content Marketing: How many times has this happened to you? You've spent a lot of your precious time composing an email, writing a blog post or creating ‘the perfect' Facebook post or Facebook Ad… only to feel incredibly let down and disappointed by the response?

Well, did you know? On average 5 times as many people read the headline as read the body? This is true for all your content marketing.

So don't underestimate the power of the headline. It has to convey hints of everything your content (email, post, social media content) has to offer—the specificity, the authenticity of your brand, the urgency. It has to convey not only your knowledge and authority, but also your personal empathy for your audience’s needs.

Tall order, right? Fortunately, over the years tried and tested formula's have been created for this very task.

Formula #1: Be Specific

In order to get results with your online marketing the first thing you must be sure of is your target audience. So set the hook in your headline by identifiying your target audience very clearly and hinting at something super valuable THEY will get out of your content. Specificity can include a specific number, locality, personal demographic (age, profession, interests)

Here's are 2 examples:

Example 1: “What Every Facebook Marketer Ought to Know About New FB Advertising Guidelines”
Formula: What Every [identify your target audience] Ought to Know About [something specific you will teach them]

Example 2: “How I Generated 37 leads in 60 Days In My Business”
Formula: Notice the use of specific numbers.

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Formula #2 Focus On The Benefit

Have you considered THEIR interest first. Have you answered for them the question “what's in it for me?” This is the question every prospects asks whenever they see anything online, so make sure you are focusing on the end result your reader wants most.

Example: “See How Easily You Can Learn to ”
Formula: See How Easily You Can Learn to [insert topic you are going to teach]
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Here are 5 basic, easy-to-follow strategies to use to create that ‘perfect headline' for any of your content.

Strategy #3: Get Relevant

Relevance = again understanding your target market is crucial.
Truly relevant content is both useful and timely. Your reader should know this and act on it…right away!
Mentioning a specific location related to your target audience is proven to increase opens…even for people who don’t live there but are curious
Make reference to an upcoming event, current trends, news items
Here’s an example of a subject line with powerful relevance:

Example: “Feeling out of control? Your Guide to Family, Food and the Holidays.”
Formula: [Bring up something–a feeling, situation or new development your customer is interested in] This [your content] can help you with [upcoming event, season or timeframe].

Strategy #4: Highlight a Problem or a Mistake They Might Be Making

No-one like to make mistakes. This strategy works because people want to learn how to avoid making a mistake. But you must approach it correctly, avoid any negativity. Instead, remain positive and offer constructive awareness.
Here’s an example of calling out a problem with positivity and integrity:
Example: “Here’s How Working Hard Can Hurt Your Business… Until You Know These 3 Things”
Formula: Here’s How [fill in the blank] Can Hurt Your [fill in the blank]

Strategy #5: Make It Personal

This strategy relies on using your headline to make a personal relation with your readers. For example you might hint at an issue you've faced and then tell your story about how you overcame that issue in your content. It works on developing or strengthening trust with your audience. They truly need to believe that you are there to help them, that you are on their side.

Example: “How I finally overcame the frustration of old-school recruiting methods in my business”
Formula: How I [action] [something your audience wants too]

Crafting irresistible content headlines is not always an easy task. Having fill-in-the-blank formulas to follow can make a potentially lenghty piece of guesswork into a speedy process which creates headlines which are proven to convert.

Final Hints and Tips:

– use simple headlines
– remember the 4 U's: Urgent, Unique, Useful, Ultra-specific
– give readers a ‘real benefit' – a benefit of the benefit!
– paint a vivid picture or stimulate an intense emotion
– put yourself in the place of your readers.

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