12 Recommended Online Marketing Tools and Resources

One Question I Often Get Asked Is: “What tools, resources and training do you most recommend when it comes to marketing a business online?”

The reality is, when it comes to marketing online there are a few ‘must have' resources.

Then… there are the tools and resources which are not necessary, BUT which do help when it comes to automation, organisation or just plain saving time!

However, I've been around the houses. Tested a bunch of stuff. Wasted a lot of time and money trying to find reliable resources and tools that work!


…to save you a LOT of time and the headache of research (and failed tests down rabbit holes!), I've put together a list of the resources and tools I personally use in my own business.

The best part is many on this list are 100% free!  Plus, if they are on this list, even if they require a small investment, you can rest assured they are tried, trusted and currently used by me!

Where In Your Business Do You Need Tools/Resources?

When you first start I believe there are 2 ‘Must Have' Resources

  • An Email Autoresponder
  • A capture page creator tool

Highly recommended investments:

  • A Marketing System: For ongoing, up-to-date online marketing training. Done-for-you capture pages, sales funnels and follow-up Emails. Fast cash-flow.

Not necessary, but start to add the following as you make progress online:

  • Facebook automation tools
  • Twitter automation tools
  • WordPress website
  • WordPress Plugins
  • Metrics tools
  • Video and Audio Equipment
  • A webinar Platform

So… in this article I’ll break down the best marketing tools that I use in my own business and I recommend that you use too.

If, first of all you'd like to learn strategies to get leads through Social media – see this recent post “5 Surefire Ways To Get Leads On Social Media”


Here we go…..

Best Online Marketing Tools

tools_001The Must Have Tools and Resources!


Aweber: Building your Email list is the single most important asset in your online marketing business. Social media activity and all the other tricks are a drop in the ocean compared to the power of the Email list.

Fact is… if you’re working your list properly you will average about $1 per subscriber. So if you have 1,000 people on your list you should be making about $1,000 a month. So if you’re not building a list you’re leaving money on the table!

Your ‘Email service provider’, such as Aweber is the company you use to send out your Emails.  To allow you to ‘mass communicate’ with people at the push of a button. Through your Email service you can send ‘autoresponder Email’s' to new leads automatically.  These are pre-written Emails which are sent automatically to new subscribers. You can also send ‘live’ Emails written and sent in real-time (or scheduled at a pre-set time).  These are known as ‘broadcast Emails’

Aweber is the company I personally use and most recommend because it's very easy to use and has AWESOME customer support.

Capture Page Creation Software:

As discussed above, when you're marketing online you MUST be building your Email list.  This will form part of your ‘target audience' (in addition to your social media followers, YouTube subscribers etc.)  You want that audience to be targeted i.e. one which is interested in the kinds of things you are offering and promoting.

The first step is to capture each person’s contact information.  The idea is that you offer something of VALUE to them, in exchange for their Email address.

In front of that offer you must have a capture page. Ideally your initial offer should be free or low-cost.

Two options I recommend here: Click Funnels and Lead Pages. I suggest you find the one that works for you and your business.

I favour Click Funnels over Lead Pages, but it will depend on your personal needs.   The big difference between the two is that with Click Funnels you can do more customization of your individual pages, and the sales funnels offer several additional features.

Click funnels also has an affiliate platform built in if you want to run an affiliate program.

Facebook Automation:

Post Planner – I love automation when it works!  Post Planner has been a great find for my business.

Note: I said ‘when it works'… As an online marketer it is a myth that you can rely on automation and money will just flow in.  Please don't fall for that myth! When you are on Facebook NEVER auto-post into groups. And NEVER auto-post ‘spammy' posts containing links.

The way Post Planner works is different.

It allows you to find content which is already proven to be viral content on Facebook. You can simply go with their suggestions, or you can find the page of a person, business or organisation in YOUR specific niche. Post Planner will find you their best-performing posts to use on your page.

The best part is… not only is it EASY to use, their support is awesome and the posts appear to be posted directly from your page, not shared from elsewhere on Facebook!

Another great feature I love is the share bar you can create to drive traffic to your website or to generate leads. For example, I may find an interesting article from Entrepreneur.com and decide to share it with my audience.  With my share bar it is automatically added to the top of the article I am sharing with my audience.

Once the viewer clicks on my status update to view the article they will see a share bar at the top where they can opt in to my list or visit my site, etc….  It’s all customizable.  A great feature to get more leads and traffic just by sharing articles found in Post Planner.

WordPress Plugins:


Yoast SEO: (Free version) I love Yoast SEO as there is a check list once you insert your keyword you are using on your blog post to make sure you have optimized your post for the best SEO performance.  Also I love the suggestions Yoast SEO gives to improve your SEO performance of your posts.

Pretty Link: (this is the Free version) I love Pretty Link for a couple of reasons. First off it makes all of your ugly long affiliate URL’s look pretty.

For example instead of http://awesomeproduct.com/47632/id48587/?=4873, you can take that link and make it pretty by pasting that ugly link into Pretty Link and Pretty Link will spit out something like this: http://angelaboswellblog.com/course

That’s it!  Oh and that Pretty Link you just created redirects to your original link. Much more reliable than bit.ly and other shortening link services.

Auto Terms & Service Policies: (free) If you are advertising on Facebook or heck any platform for that matter, you really need to have a privacy policy on your capture pages.

I found that a big struggle for me, as I didn’t know what I was supposed to say on that privacy policy page. This plugin offers templates and solutions to getting those privacy policies on your page.  If you are paid advertising on any of the Social Media platforms, you MUST have a link to a privacy policy.  This plugin will help you create those policies.


Google Analytics: (free) Google Analytics is our go to tool when it comes to tracking behaviors & visits to our website.  Simple to set up and simple to use.  I check Google Analytics periodically to see how much traffic (visitors) I'm getting to my sites, where the traffic is coming from and much more.

Video Hosting:

Wistia: I use Wistia to host some of my training videos that go into our membership sites because we can remove all the video hosting’s branding from the video.

There are many other great features to Vimeo when customizing your video, such as where you want the viewer to go when your video ends, integration options and many other features that YouTube does not offer.

YouTube: (free) Great for putting up videos on the #1 video platform on the internet, but again we just don’t use YouTube for our course videos.  Other than that YouTube is great!


Video Equipment:

Lavalier Clipon Mic : Early on in my online marketing I realised the power of using videos so I dived right in. However, looking back on some of those videos now they were awful lol.

With a Lavalier mic, you simply clip it onto your clothes and it gives your videos a crisp, quality sound to your audio.

Canon Vixia: When it comes to your camera options, there are many!  This one is a more expensive option, but don't feel you have to dive in with ‘expensive' straight away!

Canon Vixia (lower priced option)

This Canon is amazing and offers all the features you will need.

Yeti  or Fifine mic– This is another option, not a necessity. However, once you've invested in a desktop mic you'll wonder why you relied on your computer mic for such a long time.

Training & Online Marketing Systems:


If you are a network marketer, affiliate marketer, or looking to build any business online, the fastest way to build your business is to leverage a system.

Building a business is a slow process. An online marketing system provides you with many short-cuts and most-importantly gives you a way to get CASH FLOW into your business WHILE you work on building your dream business.

When I first got started in the industry I struggled. I started in network marketing and felt like I had to prospect everyone. It was a constant struggle. I remember thinking to myself that there must be a hidden secret to success, because I was doing everything I'd been told and had nothing to show for it.

Fact is, people don’t join strangers, and people don’t join business opportunities.  People join people who are knowledgeable and who know how to get results – Perceived authority figures. 

If you hold greater value and knowledge than your prospects, and they truly feel like they KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST you, it will open up the flood gates for your business.

No matter what your business or what your business model, when you leverage a system you’ll save yourself time and money.

You learn the skills of Attraction Marketing at the same time as using the system's done-for-you resources and tools to build your list, expand your target audience, and provide you with instant credibility.  Instantly building that Know, Like and Trust factor with your prospects.

The best part is… an online marketing system provides you with CASH FLOW while you build your business online.

So what are your options?

Elite Marketing Pro:

My top recommendation is Elite Marketing Pro.

Not only is Elite Marketing Pro equipped with…

  • A lead capture page system
  • A blogging platform
  • World class training
  • A helpful and supportive community
  • Linear learning path to keep you focused on one type of training to get you leads & commissions fast
  • Tools such as capture page creators, integrations, customization to your brand, blogging platform
  • VIP experience personal traffic coach
  • 10 minute traffic machine

They also have one on one coaching to walk you through the system and training to help groom you into an excellent online marketer.

Additionally, there are opportunities to attend workshops and live events throughout the year.

Elite Marketing Pro offers a Free 10 day bootcamp on Attraction Marketing called, Attraction Marketing Formula (AMF).

Attraction Marketing Formula is a great option for many new affiliates to promote as an irresistible offer to generate leads. It is also a great program to buy. It's inexpensive (under $50) and teaches you the concepts of Attraction Marketing and how you can use it in your own business (no matter what type of business you have!)

Most marketers miss this key component when it comes to building a business online, especially via social media. I have marketers reach out to me every day because they are struggling and are asking for guidance. 9 times out of 10 it’s because they have not mastered Attraction Marketing.

My Lead System Pro:

MLSP (My Lead System Pro) is where I started.

It is another system that I’ve been using for 4 years.  It's now geared entirely towards Network Marketing and primarily teaches ‘online networking' approaches over ‘Online Marketing' or ‘Internet Marketing' techniques.

MLSP is a good fit for you if you are network marketer who is looking to build your business online using ‘online prospecting' strategies.


Every marketer should consider hosting webinars as it can give a huge boost to your business. It’s a great way to communicate with your followers and conduct training.

Webinars On Air: WOA is the least expensive option. I like the fact it links up directly with your YouTube account. So your recordings are automatically uploaded to YouTube.

GoToWebinar: More expensive, arguably more reliable and easier to use.

Photo Editing and Screenshot Software:

Canva: (free) With Canva you can create images which are auto-sized for just about anything you could ever think of.  This makes is super-simple to upload one of your images (or pick from one of theirs for a small fee), then re-size to the exact size it needs to be.  You can also edit the image – add text, add designs etc.

Jing: Need to capture an image on your screen or shoot a quick screen capture video in less than 5 minutes? I would say a use this every times every single day! A definite must have.

Additional Resources:

WuFoo Forms: (free option) The ability to create a form can be a very powerful part of your marketing strategy.  WooFu is a great option because it is very user-friendly and has excellent support. You can add the forms anywhere in your marketing. Examples include your website/Emails/sales funnels.  Examples of forms include coaching request forms, surveys or strategy sessions form.

Evernote: I LOVE Evernote!  It is very simple to use and all your notes are stored in one place.  You can even share a note via a link.

Google Docs, Sheets, Slides & Drive: Another great program to store all your presentation slides, documents, sheets, photos, etc….  The program is all internet based so all you need to do is log in from any computer to access your work.

Last Pass: An excellent option for storing your passwords!! If you're anything like me, you have a gazillion passwords for a gazillion different things online… need I say more!

Plus if you ever need to give someone access to one of your accounts but you don’t want to share the password, you can share it via Last Pass and it will give them access to the account, but not share the actual password.

So there you have it!

Above are the tools I use in my own online business on a regular basis!

I'd love to hear of any you feel I have missed. Or of your experiences using the above resources.  I hope you found value in me sharing this.

Comment below: What online marketing tools do you use and recommend that I have missed?

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P.S. Many of the tools and resources above are free. All have low-priced options.  Feel free to reach out to me personally about ANY of the resources above if you have any questions because I use them ALL on a regular basis. All contact details above 🙂



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