Using Facebook For Your Business? Should You Use Profile Or Page?

“Should I be concentrating my efforts on my Facebook profile or my Fanpage (business page)?”

Ever asked this question?  It's one I get asked quite a lot…

And here's the truth… I've used both.  I’ve used both profitably and also terribly!  Yup, it took me quite a while to figure this one out!

So to save you the time and energy it took me to figure out which one works best.

To free up more of your time so that you can actually start profiting from your business using Facebook, I've recorded the short video below with my answer…

The statistics are mind-boggling!  Over 1 billion people are now using Facebook.

So you can GUARANTEE that at least some of those people will be in the market for your business or product.  That is incredibly good news for you!

As long as you can learn how to actually REACH those people.

And THERE Lies The Key! 

The Pros and Cons Of Marketing Your Business On Your Personal Profile and Facebook Page

Like I said, I’ve used both marketing approaches through Facebook.  What I've learned along the way is that different businesses require different approaches. Different people are more suited to different approaches.

In my opinion the majority of any marketing strategy should be focused on your business page – afterall the clue is in the name 🙂

The question is which on do you feel is best suited for YOU and your business?

I break down the positives and negatives of marketing your business through Facebook on your Fan Page and Personal Profile below:

Pros To Marketing Your Business On Your Personal Profile

  • Great way to build networking relationships
  • You can use private messaging for building relationships and networking
  • Great way to share the lifestyle your business has created for you
  • You can build trust and rapport with people very easily through your personal profile IF you know how to do it right.

Cons To Marketing Your Business On Your Personal Profile

  • Limit to only 5,000 friends (yes, you can expand and grow followers, but you can’t target and then market ads to them)
  • Difficult to build a targeted audience.  Your family and friends don't want to be bombarded by your business posts.
  • It can take a lot of time to network with people enough to build up trust and rapport.
  • Facebook Shutdown – Facebook did not make personal profiles for marketing and selling.  If you are reported as marketing your business links on your personal profile, they have right to shut down your account.
  • Networking on Facebook can take a lot of time.

Pros To Marketing Your Business On Your Fan Page

  • Easy to build up a laser targeted audience that will be interested in your products and services (even on a small budget)
  • Great way to build a relationship with fans
  • Paid advertising = Faster Results and it's Scalable
  • Your business page is the best place to build your brand.

Cons To Marketing Your Business On Your Fan Page

  • Learning curve (it will take learning how to effectively market on Facebook)
  • Takes a budget.  However, you might be pleasantly surprised at the results you can achieve on even a small budget.
  • If you learn how to run EFFECTIVE ads, you will make more money than you spend – Positive ROI
  • Risk of Ads Account Shutdown – If you don’t know how to properly target and place ads, you can risk your account being shut down

An Additional, Powerful Page To Build On Facebook

An additional Facebook page which some marketers have started to use is to build up a Facebook community.

This can be a very powerful addition to the use of your other Facebook pages. You can use a community to build your brand, your credibility and to build trust and rapport – all important no matter what your business model.

In Summary

So, in summary, there is a place for all 3 as a part of your business: Your Profile, Your Business Page and even a Facebook Community.

In my opinion your profile should be saved for posting your lifestyle images, but can also be used for networking purposes for some business models. Lifestyle images are great to peek curiosity, but your friends and family don’t want to see several posts each day regarding your business!

Your page should be used to build your brand and saved for your business posts. The only place to use paid advertising in on a business page and the power of targeting a relevant audience using Facebook advertising has never been better.

There are pros and cons to using both, but you should be doing just that… Using Both.

Finally a community can add another fantastic dimension to your marketing efforts.

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P.S. If you're not sure how to market effectively through paid advertising, if you’re not sure how to build your brand through Facebook, if you’re worried that you’ll waste your money on ads that don’t convert or if you’re afraid that your Ads Account will get shutdown…




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