5 Tips For Your Business To Survive The Slow Summer Months

Ever feel like you simply don't have time for your home business?

You had little time for your business when you started… but you figured you could make it work…

…only day-by-day that time seems to get shorter and shorter?

Fact is, we're all short of time. Perhaps you're working full-time or part-time, perhaps you're also a full-time parent… whatever the reason time for your business is being slowly drained away.

Right now,  like me, you might well face the added challenge of having the kids home for the long summer vacation.

In today's post and audio below, I share 5 tips you can use right now to help you work smarter not harder… To claw back that time you seem to have lost, by increasing your productivity in the little time you have.

Audio – 5 Tips To Work Smarter Not Harder

“Time is what we want most, but what we use worst” ~ William Penn

What often happens is, we scurry from task to task, always checking email, organizing something, making calls…

THINKING ‘staying busy' means being productive. In other words busyness = productivity.

In reality, highly productive people are often less busy than those who are overworked and overwhelmed.

However, people often end up simply wasting time on menial tasks when your time can actually be used in a more efficient way by following the following tips:

Tip Number 1 – DON'T Strive For Perfection!

focusThis one tip is a game-changer for those who listen…

You do not need perfection!  Remember ‘Starting a business is a lot like jumping out of and aeroplane and assembling the parachute on the way down.'… wise words

As an entrepreneur or home-business owner there is no boss breathing down your neck to make sure everything is perfect.  There are no set guidelines. The only people judging your ‘stuff' is you a and your potential audience.

The majority of the time your audience will be not be taking much action, if any at all. They most certainly will be impressed that you are doing well enough to be putting content out there at all.

So, just get your stuff out there.

That might mean taking action on a lead-generation strategy or creating content to provide value to your audience. If you make a mistake it doesn't matter, learn from the mistake and move on a little wiser.

You are more likely to generate a lead with imperfect stuff than with nothing out there. You are more likely to impress an audience enough to keep opening your emails with imperfect stuff than nothing at all…

Tip Number 2 – PRIORITIZE!

Managing your time isn't about squeezing as many tasks into your day as possible. It's about simplifying how you work, doing things faster and relieving stress.

“It is not enough to be busy, so are the ants. The question is, what are we busy about?” Henry Thoreau

Remember the 80/20 rule of time management – 80% of the importance of what we do in any given day lies in only 20% of the activities.

SO prioritize!  I recommend you do the toughest tasks first.  Identify the most crucial, potentially toughest tasks and get those done.  Not only will you feel a sense of accomplishment and success, you can then move on to other things or even let some things wait until tomorrow.

How you do this is personal to you – written list, electronic list, in your head… whatever. Make sure it works for you.

Tip Number 3 – Focus!

focus (1)Don't try to multi-task (yep ladies that includes you!)  Research confirms that we are actually less productive over all when we try to multi-task.  So, once you've prioritized your day, turn off all other distractions (yes that includes Facebook if you're not working on it) and finish that task before you move on.

There might even be times when you ‘lock yourself in' and don't allow any distractions or interruptions at all.

Tip Number 4 – Take Breaks!

Take down time.  You might work better in blocks of time perhaps even setting a timer.

For example working in 60 minute blocks with a 10 minute break in-between.

Tip Number 5 – Stay Healthy!

Drink plenty of water. Eat a healthy diet and Exercise.

It might sound odd, but the fact that a healthy life-style can improve productivity has also been proven in numerous studies.

In Conclusion

Prioritize your day.

There is no need for perfection – just get it out there! Take Action Now not Later!

Take breaks and enjoy your spare time.

Outsource when necessary.

And most important of all – do what works for you!

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