3 Tough Questions To Ask If You’re Struggling In Your Business

If you’re struggling in your business…

Not enough traffic, not enough leads, not enough sales, spending more than you’re making…

Then this post is for you.

First of all, remember this…


Every successful entrepreneur leaves a trail of failures.  Nobody gets it right from the start.

So if you feel like you're struggling right now… take heart in knowing it is just part of the process.

It is those who struggle THROUGH and keep going who make it in this business!

There are of course things you can do to speed up the process… So I've put together this post with 3 questions to start.

struggle3 Tough Questions To Ask If You’re Struggling In Your Business

I know a lot of entrepreneurs and have seen many who succeed and many more who struggle.

Most often, they struggle for one of 3 main reasons:

  • They don’t master their time.
  • They strive for perfection rather than ‘getting things done'.
  • They are afraid to fully commit to the process.

1) Are you getting the most out of your time?

Are you someone who waits until you have a chunk of time to devote to your business before you start anything?

If you regularly have a lot of time, each day that strategy might work.

However, the reality is most of us simply don't.

Business are most often built around other commitments – family, a job etc.

So, rather than doing nothing for days at a time because you are waiting for ‘the right time'…

What you need to be doing is using small chunks of time, even as little as 10-15 minutes to work on your business.

Here are some examples:

  • listening to trainings or motivation during your commute.
  • shooting a quick video about something you've recently learned – while you wait in your car.
  • Doing a quick Facebook Live video before you head out for the day, or before you start your evening tasks.
  • making connections on social media during your lunch break.

Even small advances in your business will build over time and get you out of your struggles.

2) Are you striving for perfection rather than putting yourself out there?perfection_is_stagnation

This is all about perfectionism and how it’s preventing you from building your business.

I’ve watched countless marketing friends stay secluded behind their computer, waiting for the next task to be perfect.

The perfect video, the perfect offer, the perfect ______.  Take your pick, it’s not serving you.

Successful entrepreneurs get things out to the public, however imperfect, and tweak on the fly.

Bottom line:  If you wait for perfection, your dream business will die.

Get things out… allow people to see your work… and fix it later!

3) Are you over-complicating the process?

There is no ‘push-button' solution to building any business…

However, the process can be simplified.

You first need to be fully committed to the process, then step-by-step chip away each day and you will get there!

Building a business online can be simplified and broken down into 3 steps:

  1. Build your audience
  2. Engage your audience
  3. Sell to your audience

So first learn 1 strategy to build an audience which is targeted to YOUR offers.

Then learn 1 strategy to use to engage with your audience.

Then the ‘selling' to your audience becomes a whole lot easier!

I've created this 3 part video sequence to walk you through this entire process HERE



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