The Entrepreneurial Journey…Can Chasing Your Dreams Be Fun?

Every entrepreneur has a story – YOU have a story.

Today I'd like to briefly share my story with you, in the hope that it will provide you with a little motivation and inspiration to keep going.

You see… I get it… to keep going as an entrepreneur can be a daily struggle.

Many lose that struggle.

I want you to win.  To fight the fight and come out on top.

Most of all, if you're feeling like I was not so long ago…

I want to bring the fun back into marketing your business.  Yes – chasing your dreams CAN actually be simplified and fun.

There will be dips and turns along the way.  Such is the nature of entrepreneurship.

But overall, it can be fun. Achieving your dream is possible. So lets make it happen for you!

My Story

I entered the world as an entrepreneur nearly 4 years ago.  My twin girls had just turned 3 years old and had reluctantly made the decision to return to work as an elementary school teacher.

I felt it was necessary to bring in extra income for our family, but didn't want to sacrifice that time with my fast-growing girls.

That's when it happened. Someone introduced me to my first business.

And so the entrepreneurial struggle began…

With hopes and dreams alongside.  You see once I had tasted my first taste of entrepreneurship and all the positives it can bring. I was hooked.

But not long after starting the struggle quickly followed suit.

You might relate to that feeling? A mix of hope, dreams… closely followed by desperate struggle?

I could see what what possible, there were people achieving incredible success.  For me, once I had that vision of what was possible I could not let it go.

The dream of a flexible lifestyle. Of time I could spend with my twin girls, doing all those things every parent dreams of being able to do with their family.

Of freedom.

Hold on to your dream and don’t ever let it go. For anything or anyone.

visionIts the only thing that will keep you moving forward when you feel you can’t go on.

The struggle? For me it started when I'd exhausted all my offline approaches to marketing my business.

I'd talked to everyone I know. I'd talked to strangers. I'd printed flyers. Ordered samples. Spoken to countless people on the phone.

Result… nothing.  Unless you count frustration as a result!

I decided I'd try marketing my business online.

Result… whole new can of worms!

I created a website (which very few visited). I advertised (with no results). I sent messages to everyone I know.

I ended up overwhelmed, confused and to be brutally honest… was on the brink of quitting.

That's when I watched a video which quite literally changed my life.

The guy was talking about ‘learning the skills of online marketing'.  Actual skills you could learn and apply to market your business online…

And actually achieve success!

Was it a ‘magic button'?  Of course not.

Are there some short-cuts. Yes! – Use leverage…

Don't re-invent the wheel! It's NOT necessary!

But the important part is this:

I got it.

I finally understood that I had to step up and learn how to market my business online the ‘right way'.

So… in I dived.  I committed. And since that day I've learned how to effectively leverage the internet to grow several businesses online.

Here's what I've learned:

  1. You have to learn the skills AND take action.  Many stop at learning the skills – the result is they learn and learn, don't actually apply what they've learned and end up overwhelmed and confused.
  2. You have to simplify!  Marketing online can actually be broken down into 3 main steps:
    Build your targeted audience
    Engage your audience
    Sell to your audience.
  3. Apply those 3 steps in their simplest form and you will achieve results.
    Learn just ONE strategy to build your audience
    Use just ONE platform/strategy to engage your audience
    Use and apply just ONE strategy to promote your business
  4. Once you start to see results…. THEN, and only then should you branch out and learn more.
  5. Most important of all.  You HAVE to take action! Do not expect perfection.
    Do not become disheartened when things sometimes flop. Just do it!

Fact is marketing your business online can be fun!

If you simplify the steps. Focus, focus, focus… on just 1 thing at a time.

Leverage tools, resources and tools from others.

The results will come.

The fun will start 🙂

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So, if you understand there is NO push button solution to marketing any business online…and at the same time… that you CAN make the learning process fun.

You understand you need to commit to becoming a professional and be willing to invest your time to learn the skills.

You are ready to commit to achieving your dreams…

No matter what your business model.

Then let's go!

I look forward to welcoming you to our community, so you can get the training and support you need.

Once in the community – Feel free to post ANY online marketing question at all!  It WILL be answered.

I look forward to connecting with you and helping you achieve your goals.

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I'd love to hear from you.  Feel free to comment below and to share my story with anyone who might benefit from reading my story.

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