8 Social Media ‘Rules’ You Should Never Break

Social networks are now commonplace in sales, marketing, and general business communications. Unfortunately, some people still don't know the most effective strategies to use.  In this post I've outlined 8 Social Media ‘Rules' you should never break!

Are you breaking any right now? If so, just a simple tweak to your strategy might have a surprisingly large impact on your results online.

1. Choose your channels wisely

Choose the right platform for you and your brand. Don't try to become a master of all – I recommend you have one main ‘hub' of choice when you start out. Furthermore, you can do harm to your brand if you become inconsistent with your updates.

2. Consistency always wins!

Consistent updates build trust and respect, as well as keep your brand top-of-mind. Be consistent with your header and profile image across all platforms and use a similar ‘voice' messaging.

3. Use informative posts

Consumers are real people, so don't beat them over the head with sales pitches. Engage followers, build trust, and add value, and they will return the favor by being a fan and perhaps even a future customer.

4. Use Hashtags (correctly!)

Understand how to properly use hashtags to maximize reach and engagement. Research and test the optimal number of hashtags for each platform. I recommend 2 or 3 on Twitter, none on Facebook or LinkedIn, Just 1 on Google+ and finally, up to 30 on Instagram (but limit the number in your actual post to 6 – then post the rest into a comment right after you publish). To save time, you can store your most common hashtags in your notes.

5. Use Landscapes for your Videos!

Do not hold your phone vertically for videos. Maximize the screen real estate with horizontal “landscape” style videos. The same is true for most pictures, with the exception of Instagram, where default photos are square. I recommend using Canva.com to make exact image sizes. Its very user-friendly and Free

6. NEVER pay for followers or likes

The follower count on your profile will look great, but the return on your investment will not carry through as most paid followers are spam bots and/or not relevant.

7. Be authentic with conversations

Remember your followers and likes are people, so respond and engage with them in a natural manner.  Also remember to reply to messages because ignoring direct messages will damage your credibility. Aim to respond to any inquiries or issues within 24 hours.

8. Get to the point

For example, just because Twitter allows up to 140 characters (for the time being) doesn't mean you should use them all. Leave room for followers to retweet you or add commentary. If you are serious about maximizing your visibility and engagement on Twitter, consider even shorter posts (80 to 100 characters) to make room for a few hashtags.

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