6 Instagram Tips to Super Charge Your Results Like a Top Brand

Is your business harnessing the full power of Instagram?

The network is growing like wildfire & if you're not on it, you're already behind!

People love photos & videos!

And that's what Instagram's all about: showcasing your company's personality in a fast & mobile-friendly way.

But it's more than just getting new customers, it's about making friends — and connecting with your audience.

So, in this short post I have 5 Instagram tips that will put you among the best brands there.

6 Instagram Tips to Help You Super Charge Your Results Like a Top Brand

1. What Do You Post?

The best way to achieve results is to first consider your target audience.  What problems are they experiencing which you can help them with? Provide value, create attractive posts (this is Instagram after all!)

So, post things of value, like marketing tips, quotes, videos (which are 15 seconds long on Instagram!)

Tell Your Story With Pictures

Use Instagram to show how other customers are using your products or services.

But don't make it a sales pitch! Show the benefits of the product in action.

Starbucks — one of the best brands on Instagram — mastered this concept.

They never talk about price, sales, etc!


One thing I love about Instagram is that each post literally takes seconds! Even videos!

Here are a few examples related to the niche I’m in:


Make sure you are consistent with posting. If you want people to follow you give them a reason to. You will only get desirable results if you post consistently on Instagram. I recommend 3 to 4 times each day.

Sprinkle images and videos of your day to day business, but don’t over-do it. Make it like a behind the scenes look at what you do in your business with an occasional fun pic of something you like to do outside of your business.

Still unsure of what to post? – visit posts of others within your niche, use their ideas and add your own ‘spin’ to the post. But don’t be a copycat! If you do copy someones post always give credit by using the @ symbol and their username.

2. Short Of Time? Get Some Help With Automation:

Use Later.com (previously latergram) To Auto-Schedule Some Of Your Posts.

Instagram does NOT allow you to schedule posts, so in this video I show why Later.com is the safest tool to use.

They have, rather geniusly, created their software to allow you to schedule posts and remain perfectly safe and ‘legal' with regards to Instagram terms and conditions.

Here is a step-by-step tutorial about how it works, why it is safe and How To Schdule Your Posts For Instagram:

3. Lead Generation

The REAL money is not earned on Instagram itself, but rather from the E-mail list you build up from it, or from the offer you provide in your bio through your clickable link.

  • In Instagram there is only 1 place for a clickable link
  • Have a strong call to action in your post
  • TELL people to visit your bio and click your link,
  • Give your prospect a real reason to click on your link and also to keep returning to your page.
  • Tell them why it will be of benefit to them

4. Don't Post Too Often

If you're posting more than every 3 or 4 hours, then you're probably posting too much.

You don't want to overwhelm the photo feeds of your followers — so all they see when they login are your photos!

This will lead to unfollows — and lost potential customers.

5. Your Username Is Important!

Put some thought into it…

Your username should be searchable, easy to remember and personally brand YOU (not your company).

Make Your Instagram & Twitter Handles the Same (or as close as possible)

Using the same username on Instagram & Twitter makes it easy for people to find you — and to tag you in their social media posts.

And the easier the better!

I'm @angelaboswell_1 on Twitter and @angela_boswell

6. Become a Hashtag Expert

Instagram hashtags will get you more Likes, comments & followers. There's no doubt about it!

But that doesn't mean you should over-stuff your posts with hashtags.

All things in moderation!

Your posts still need to look natural & conversational.


These 5 tips might sound easy — because they ARE!

But they will pay off BIG TIME if you follow them:

  1. Tell Your Story With Pictures
  2. Instagram Automation
  3. Use Instagram to Generate Leads For Your Business!
  4. Don't Post Too Often
  5. Your Instagram Username/Handle is Important
  6. Become a Hashtag Expert

Two of the most important aspects of marketing any business online are:

  • Building your brand and your ‘presence’ online
  • Using a platform, such as Instagram to build your following, your Email list – Your Targeted Audience!

Recently I taught a simple strategy you can immediately implement to do both of those things:

Watch the Webinar Replay Here:
“Simple Strategies To Build Your Brand and Generate Leads On Instagram”

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