The Ultimate Power Word For Success

If there is any word I wish I had started using earlier to take ownership of my time, it would be learning how to say…


It is human instinct for us to be “Yes People”.  Perhaps triggered by some natural survival mechanism we needed some time back in history.

I know for me, I tend to feel bad saying no.  But I have recently realised just how much of my time has been sucked out of my business by making this mistake!

Did you know we spend, on average 86,400 seconds per day taking action on other people's priorities?! Learning how to say no can be critical for your business success, success in life and to be honest – just for your own sanity!

Now… I'm not advocating we all turn ‘mean' and never give other people our time when they need it.  Not at all.  In fact, I'm very generous with my time when it comes to helping others (in my life) who need my help.

But when it comes to your BUSINESS, particularly if you are short of time, if something comes up which is not aligned with your business strategy right now.

Just… Say… NO!

The Importance of Focus

I always talk about the importance of focus.  Focus on learning just one lead generation strategy, mastering just one social media platform.  So, pick your focus and if anything else comes up – Say No!

If you find yourself constantly distracted by Facebook notifications, turn them off. If you find yourself getting side-tracked by other team-members or perhaps even questions from people who have not business link to you at all.  Learn to say no.

In life, to a certain extent you can also start to apply this rule.  For example if someone asks you to go to an event, but it isn't already in your calendar or its during your time block for work time… then learn to say no.

You'll be amazed at way happens. You will get more done, be able to stick to commitments which are most important to you and also people will respect you for taking more control of your own life.

Are You In Control?

Remember, the one thing you can never get back in your life is your time.  Learn to prioritize because your time is precious.

For my 9 best productivity tips for every entrepreneur see my recent post HERE 

I'm curious… what do you think?  Is learning to say ‘no' going to become one of your productivity secrets?

Feel free to comment below I'd love to know your opinion.  Share on Facebook and Twitter if you got value from this post.

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