The “Perpetual Results Formula” for Attracting More Leads and Sales

Have you ever asked yourself – “I know I need to ‘position myself as an authority‘  but how do I do that when I'm new and have no results???”

In other words, what is the secret to looking like you know what you're talking about… When you're new?

I get it, we all start from the beginning… we all start with no results.  And in this post I share a simple strategy you can use to achieve instant authority, even if you're brand new and have no results right now.

1st of all – quick step back –

Why You Need To Position Yourself As An Authority?

Think of it like this: If you go to see a doctor, and the doctor tells you “to cure your x you need to take y” – what do you do? You take y!

…Because the doctor has positioned him/herself as an authority in medicine and you therefore trust him/her.

So if you do the same in your niche, people are more likely to trust you and therefore buy from you, or join you.

Some people try to ‘cheat' – I'm sure you've seen the images of people next to expensive cars, or lovely houses or EVEN holding cash.

Not only do these images look fake, unbelievable (not to mention tacky!).  People are more skeptical online these days and that kind of strategy simply does not work anymore!

So how do you position yourself as an authority – developing INSTANT trust – if you don't have any real results yet?

You can do it by using The Perpetual Results Formulaperpetual

There are 2 ways of doing this… both can be effective, but I recommend you start to use number 2 as soon as possible.

Tactic 1 Of the Perpetual Results Formula

This is one to use when you are brand new to your business.  You promote someone else's success story while you create your own.

There are plenty of systems or tools out there which will provide all the steps FOR you. The idea being that you leverage the results of others while you create your own ‘success'.

However, your success, as I talk about in just a minute need only be a VERY small ‘success' such as getting your first 100 Facebook likes!

You can also leverage someone else's success without the use of a marketing system….

but it does require a few more steps and some simple technical skills…

For example, you can use this strategy to generate leads.  Think of a problem someone in your niche might be experiencing right now.  Then search for a YouTube video which will help them to resolve that problem.

Create a simple ‘capture page' – plenty of software out there to easily do that – and place the capture page in front of the YouTube video.  Add a related, compelling headline on the capture page. Then link that capture page an email provider or ‘auto-responder' and you can start to generate leads.

Tactic Number 2 Of The Perpetual Results Formula

This is simply about getting a result – no matter how small – and celebrating it.  Then leveraging your small result to create a bigger result.

Then rinse and repeat that same process.

So, for example you might generate your first 10 leads online.  You might get your first 200 followers on Twitter.

Then use social media to shout about it and ask who would like to know how you did it!

For example, “I'm really excited, I just got my first 100 Facebook likes! Leave me a comment below if you want me to show you how I did it”

I saw one of my friends use this formula just the other day.  He has achieved a lot of success online, but he continues to leverage this same formula today… Here is how he used it:

“I just placed in the top 8 of an affiliate contest. I beat some ‘high flying marketers', yet I have only a very small list and spent $0 on advertising. If you want to know how I did it, subscribe to my Email list below and start reading my Emails”

These are both examples of how you can use a result to get engagement from your social media followers and from there you can gain subscribers or talk to them about your business.fans_002

You can, alternatively create a piece of content to explain how you got the result. A short video or blog post.  Add a strong ‘call to action' to encourage your visitors to fill out their name and email address on your lead capture page, giving them a good reason why they should.

Do you see how both of these strategies lead to even bigger results? More leads and possibly even more sales & signups?

Do you see how, when you do this consistently that the results begin to compound and get bigger and bigger as you repeat the process?

Do you also see how you are positioning yourself as the leader and the authority and making recommendations (like an authority would) for others to duplicate your results?

Thats the perpetual results formula

The reason new marketers tend to shy away from using this formula is because they fall into the ‘trap' of comparing themselves to the top producers.

However, in reality, new people start a business every day.  I guarantee there are plenty of people out there who want to know how to get some results.  So show them! Provide solutions for them and watch YOUR results transform!


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