How Do People Find Your Website… & do you really need one anway?!

Yesterday I was asked a great question about online marketing, I answered it in the post in my private Facebook Group (feel free to join HERE), but wanted to also shoot a quick video with my answer for my blog readers.

The question:

“Is it best to use social media posts to draw your audience to your website and sell from there?”

So, first of all it really depends on your business model and therefore your overall strategy. In Sharron's case, she already has a great website, her business primarily occurs on her website, so yes she should use strategies to point people to her website.

However, you do need to have effective ways to do that…

Mistakes To Avoid:

1) A mistake many business owners make – in any business model – is to think that simply having a website (their own or their company website) is enough. All they have to do is post a links to their website, or their capture pages, or sales funnel and people will come to them.

In reality, the internet is a busy place these days, and people are not going to magically find your website online (not even if you're posting your links on social media).

Yes, there are a LOT of ways to get people to your website, or onto an email list. But you MUST be using at least one.

2) So, another mistake to avoid is to dip in an out of ‘video marketing' ‘Adwords', ‘Twitter or Facebook advertising', ‘networking on social media', the list goes on and on. There are so many different ways to generate leads, or to get people on your website, people try to do everything!

In doing so, they never really succeed at anything.

OR mistake number 3) they try to master 1 particular strategy (for example Twitter advertising) and suddenly are faced with an account shutdown…

…and then are stuck.

So back to that original question – do you need to have a website?

Certainly if you have your own brick and mortar business or you sell your own products I would highly recommend you have your own website (and most businesses do). Don't worry you can inexpensively outsource the creation of a website, just head to a site such as Upwork.

However, in certain business models, such as network marketing and affiliate marketing, if you are new you might not be pointing everyone to your own website.

In fact, if you're new you might not have (or need) a complex ‘website'.  A ‘website' for many beginner marketers can literally be a ‘capture page' which you can use to build an email list.

Don't be put off by the jargon here.  A ‘website' is literally just a page, any page (or group of pages) on the internet.

A ‘capture page' is simply a page which you can place in front of an offer – people need to fill out their name/email address to move onto the next page, or to ‘access' that offer.

Both of the above can actually be leveraged (or borrowed) from a ‘marketing system'.  If you'd like my recommendation of marketing system see the PS line below.

Bottom Line:

Marketing online is a process. It involves several steps. Before you start to panic many of those steps, can actually be leveraged or borrowed from others.

The BEST part is – I'll be taking you all through the entire process much more slowly over the next few weeks 🙂

Please feel free to reply to this post if you have any topics you would like me to cover in my upcoming training tutorials and blog posts.

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