Attraction Marketing Demystified – What Exactly Is It and Can It Help YOUR Business?

Have you heard the phrase attraction marketing, but never really understood what it meant? Or how it can help you with your business? (or indeed whether it CAN help your business)

Perhaps you've heard far-fetched stories, heard people throwing the term out there as THE solution. But you've come to the conclusion it all sounds ‘too good to be true' and quite frankly too confusing to bother about?

Ya – I get it! I felt that way too…

And before I dig into the truth about exactly what attraction marketing is, what I later found out it can REALLY do for your business…

Let me ask you a quick question… (one which flipped the biggest aha moment for me when I first heard it)…

Did you realise that when you sipped that free drink at your Supermarket, signed up for that free Kodak photo class or even nibbled that free cake at your local coffee shop…

That was attraction marketing at work?!

Yup… the Big corporations right down to (more savvy) smaller high street businesses have been using this concept (on you!) for years…

So you think it works? You bet it does!

And newsflash – it works just as well online as it does offline!

attraction marketing

Why Should You Embrace Attraction Marketing Methods?

Fact is – you can see attraction marketing everywhere.

I've always had a ‘soft spot' for free samples – little did I know these ‘free give-aways' were attraction marketing at work.

To get me in the door, where they could build a relationship with me (through good customer service) and place their products in front of me (especially effective if they are related to their free give-away).

BAM – as if by magic, those stores got my custom!

Let me explain further…

Perhaps you're in the home-business industry and you've not so far had much success with ‘old-school' methods:

  • You've burned through your so called ‘warm list'
  • You're fed up with talking to everyone with a pulse when you're out (ya know – that exhausting 3 ft rule)
  • You're fed up with rejection on the phone or elsewhere (I remember yearning for just 1 ‘yes'!)
  • You've been spamming your link all over social media (perhaps you've even had accounts shut down?)

Perhaps you've even reached the all-time low I plummeted to 3 years ago?

When one of my closest friends had to point out why people were starting to avoid me and my messages.

In fact, if I'm brutally honest – it took being made to feel totally humiliated and taken to the brink of quitting.

While hanging in there by a thread, on the verge of quitting, I went on the internet and ran across a guy talking about how he recruited over 1732 people in one month, into his MLM, all via this one simple strategy.

Honestly, with all the bold promises he was making – about never having to chase people again. I did think it was all a bunch of hyped up rubbish.

But I had no choice at the time but to follow my intrigue.  I needed a different method. I was exhausted and humilated from the ‘old school' methods. So I bought the $47 E-book the guy was advertising and learned all about Attraction Marketing.

The biggest realisation for me was hearing the happy giggles of my twin girls splashing around with me in the sea. After I had ditched “old school” recruiting methods and embraced Attraction Marketing.  I finallyrealised how life was supposed to be!

There I was enjoying my life, relaxing and having fun with my kids rather than worrying about who was going to be my next ‘victim'.

I was no longer desperate or in need of someone to talk to, because of attraction marketing people were knocking down my door.  I was in control.  People were seeking me out to join me in MY business.  No longer was I chasing.  Do you know how liberating & empowering that is? No more getting rejected over and over again?

My new found freedom was all because of one simple strategy – Yep you guessed it… Attraction Marketing.

attraction marketing

So What Exactly Is Attraction Marketing?

If you're willing to spend around half an hour per day for the next 10 days – you'll be walked through the strategy RIGHT HERE.

The best way for me to explain it to you ‘in a nutshell', before you learn all about it over the next 10 days is this…

Have you ever searched online for any business-related topics?

Perhaps you've noticed the same pattern I started to notice?

Every single one of the ‘top marketers' were offering something to me in exchange for my Email address!gift

No matter where you turn, Google, YouTube, Facebook – when you type in your problem or question BAM up comes a solution.

All you have to do is share your Email address and you can access solutions to pretty much anything…

Have you noticed that pattern yourself?

For me THAT was when the penny dropped! Attraction marketing simply means offering something of value upfront, which attracts people from YOUR target market, to build up your target audience online.

Once I had learned to employ these strategies myself…

By following the strategies taught in THIS Free 10 Day Bootcamp.

Suddenly I was able to stop messaging my friends and family…

Stop messaging strangers…

Take off my ‘prospecting googles' when I was out anywhere…

Finally I could relax with my friends and family. I felt free!

I learned how to create a truly passive way of making sure that when I woke up each morning…

I would have an inbox full of notifications of new prospects (leads) interested in learning more about my business or my products.

And the best part is… once you understand and apply these principles, its actually not that difficult!

You see, just about every other type of business in the world is now using proven, passive and scalable online marketing & advertising methods.

So isn't it about time you started to eat a slice of that pie too?

Learn all about Attraction Marketing and how it can help your business in this Free 10 Day Bootcamp.



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