Simple Low-Cost Lead Generation Strategy

Twitter Ads for More Traffic, Leads and Sales Have Only Been Around Since 2012 With Many Recent New Developments!

Twitter Ads are something I'm getting really excited about!

Cost: Low to Medium Cost
Difficulty: Beginner to Intermediate

This is a strategy that I have just recently started to really dig in to. It’s a low cost, paid marketing strategy. In recent months Twitter has really made some fantastic developments to its advertising platform and gives marketers an incredible opportunity to tap into a relatively untapped traffic source.

Very few marketers are using Twitter right now so its a perfect time to get started with this strategy!

Twitter Pay Per Click (Twitter PPC) can greatly multiply any other marketing strategy you are using, especially if you’re already using Facebook. But its also a fantastic stand alone strategy especially if you are just getting started with PPC advertising.

I have 3 fantastic resources for you to use to learn this relatively simple and low-cost advertising strategy.

First of all Vince Reed shares some of the the ways he used Twitter in his marketing in the video below.

More Twitter Resources – Including Many Free Twitter Marketing Strategies (Great for Beginners)

Another couple of resources I recommend to learn how to market your business on Twitter include my blog post HERE, which highlights Twitter features I've discovered, but perhaps you don't know about.  These features are available to everyone and will increase your Twitter presence, saving you boatloads of your precious time 🙂
5 Ridiculously Awesome Twitter Features You Didn't Know About

Twitter Cheat Sheet

And finally for my recently updated Twitter Cheat Sheet Click Here.  This is an extensive Cheat Sheet on which I walk through exactly what what YOU MUST DO to build your business on Twitter.

I spent a long time putting this resource together to make sure it includes all of the following:

  • 7 Step Twitter Starter Guide – 7 simple steps that every marketer MUST USE to get your business started on Facebook the RIGHT WAY so you can save time and money
  • Daily Twitter Action Plan – Get Instant Access to your very own 4 Step Daily Action Plan that's easy to follow in 10 minutes a day. (Our exact action guide we use in our own business)
  • 9 Twitter Hacks9 Twitter Hacks you're not using (but should). Slice time off your Twitter marketing, know exactly who to follow (and why), understand what time of day you need to be posting and much more. (eliminate all the guesswork)
  • How To Get More RetweetsYou'll get way more retweets if you do this one simple thing! (make your tweets go viral)
  • Resources & Lots of Actual Examples

I’d love to hear from you if you have any comments, question or your own experiences with the Twitter platform and using Twitter PPC Ads


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