Why Do People Buy? [Powerful Interview Inside]

If you've ever experienced any frustration or disappointment when trying to move people from…

Point a) “here's what I've got” … through to Point b) “sign up here” or “buy now”

I guarantee you will get as much value from this nugget packed video as I did.

From the opening line “The ugly brutal truth” right through to the very end…

Pour yourself your favourite beverage… grab a notepad and pen… and watch this Frank Kern/Dan Kennedy interview now:

So many nuggets in here I can't even begin to summarize, through fear of leaving anything out!

Loved Dan Kennedy's reasoning behind why it is important you drop the needy person within, because human's are known to underperform during times of stress.

And his explanation as to why people tend to use stories badly… so badly in fact, they would probably be better off NOT using them…

… even though they can be an incredibly powerful strategy to use when used well.

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