How To Get Results In Your First 60 Days Online…

…When You’ve Got No List, No Prior Marketing Knowledge and No Big Budget

To further help you through this process I’ve created the 3 Step Online Proft Action Plan.  The action plan lays it all out for you – like a ‘starter kit’ for results online: 3 foolproof action steps, top 5 most critical resources, audience building secrets, plus several actual ‘over the shoulder’ screen shots to guide you through.
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1. First Of All You Must Know Your Niche.

Once you know your niche (e.g. it might be question2internet marketing, network marketing etc) then you need to know about the types of people who will be interested in either working within your niche or using products related to your niche.

What are their pains and their struggles. Is it marketing, getting leads, making sales, mindset, what is it?

It is when you dig into your perfect prospect AND attempt to solve their greatest problem, you WILL know how to get fast results.

So, right now – grab a piece of paper and divide it in half. One one side write ‘problems’ on the other ‘solutions’ and brainstorm.  What problems have YOU encountered?  This is key! You will be positioning yourself, the products you market, your business – as a solution to those problems.

CRITICAL do not rely on just one income stream. You should have several, congruent income streams. At the very least 2 or 3. By congruent I mean they are all useful to your ideal prospect/customer. You can actually become an affiliate for many online companies out there for free.  I recommend ==>JVzoo as a great place to find relevant and reliable products to promote.

share2. Each day – I.L.T.

You’ll learn to LOVE this phrase… live it and breathe it every day! The acronym stands from ‘Invest – Learn – Teach‘. ‘Invest’ does not only mean making a monetary investment. You might make 1 or 2 initial monetary investments at the beginning of the 60 days, for example, but then for each day afterwards the ‘investment’ can be of your time.

From your investment, if you are investing your money/time wisely you will then be able to ‘teach’. This simply means taking notes while you are learning and then sharing what you have learned with people from your niche. The information needs to be relevant to them, but it DOES NOT need to be complicated! It simply needs to help them with their particular pains/struggles.

There are many potential ways to share that information. You could use a couple of social media platforms, sharing within short posts. It can be as simple as 3 bullet points! You could share as bullet points within an E-mail. If you’re a bit more adventurous you could record short 1 – 2 minute videos. Or even write a blog post. At the bottom, have a call to action. This needs to relate to the content and point people to either a training or a product. Some of these can be free (to simply build up your E-mail list) others can be to a low-cost paid product (your monetization strategy).

By consistently doing this for 60 days you will be doing a few things. Firstly, you have a chance toconsistent build up your E-mail list – thus providing yet another method to follow-up with people, build your relationship AND monetize your relationship by providing relevant/useful offers.

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