10 Crazy Social Media Facts that Are ACTUALLY True [Infographic]

When you're marketing online it is important that you keep up with the latest developments and trends.

Knowing what's working Right Now on the different platforms is paramount.

Otherwise you might be spending all day, working hard to ‘master' one method – only to find out you're doing it all wrong.

Or worse, learn that you're method is now out-dated and you need to learn your strategy all over again.

Which is exactly why I LOVE these simple up-to-date infographics!

A perfect way of sharing what's working now, in an easy-to-digest form.

(See entire infographic at the bottom)

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10 Crazy Social Media Facts that Are ACTUALLY True

Some of these are really surprising!

1. Your Biggest Advocates have the Fewest Followers on Twitter

mentionsYou might think that going after users with large followings could help your brand.

But actually 91% of mentions on Twitter are made by users with fewer than 500 followers.

This surprised me a lot! So focus on the Twitter users with fewer followers.

2. Twitter has 6 Distinct Communication Networks

Not everyone on Twitter is the same — nor does everyone use it in the same way.

This is very important to know as a brand so you can target your communication properly.

3. Marketers Say Written Content Trumps Visuals

I for one, would have thought this to be true, however according to Social Media Examiner's survey of nearly 3000 marketers, written content resonates the most among marketers.


More than half of content marketers say written content is their most important form of social content — not visual content.

As a business this means you need to write more blog posts about your industry to appeal to users.

4. Twitter Users Expect a FAST Response Time

You may think checking your Twitter account once or twice a week is enough.

Not at all!

response time

5. Late Night is the Best Time for Retweets

One of the best ways to grow a fan base on Twitter is getting followers to retweet your posts.

It gives you immediate credibility to a new set of followers.

According to this study most retweets occurred late at night. So make sure you're posting late at night!


6. Fridays are Facebook's Best Day for Engagement

Engagement is crucial on Facebook! If you're not getting Likes, Comments & Shares, your page will quickly fade away.

Posting quality content is important, and according to this study – MOST important on a Friday!


7. Photos Drive Engagement on Facebook Pages

This is definitely true! For my audience, quote images get the most engagement by far on my page.

What gets the most engagement on your page?

photo shares

8. Facebook, Pinterest & Twitter Drive the Most Traffic

Engagement on social media is great, but driving traffic (people) to your content and optin pages is MORE important.

You must always be building your list – remember the $ is in the list.

Facebook, Pinterest & Twitter easily drive the most traffic.

drive traffic

9. Aim for 28, 118 or 385 Interactions per Post

This stat comes from a Social Bakers study that showed the average interaction per post based on fan size.

  • 1 to 9,999 fans = average of 28 interactions/post
  • 10,000 to 99,999 fans = average of 118 interactions/post
  • 100,000 to 499,999 fans = average of 385 interactions/post

10. There's a Best Day for Everything on Pinterest

Pinterest revealed which categories get the most engagement on each day of the week.

It's interesting to look at these as it tells you what activities people are doing or thinking about through the week.

You can probably test out these trends for other social media platforms as well…

I know when I go to the gym on a Monday – it is ALWAYS more full than on a Thursday or Friday…

best days on pinterest

Here is the entire Infographic:




This was from an article published to Fast Company — which is where Mainstreethost saw it and made the graphic based on the blog post.

Knowing facts like these will help you strengthen your social media strategy.

I hope you'll enjoy and get as much value from this infographic as I did. Please like, share and comment below.

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