How To Reach Your Target Audience & Save Countless Time, Effort and Energy!

Have you been working hard at your business, perhaps even spent money on paid traffic or leads… but not been making any sales or signups?

You might even have an immaculate website or capture page… but something seems to be missing?

I know when I first started, I was trying every way I could possibly think of to find people to talk to about my business…

Fact is…

The biggest problem most marketers face, even after getting things like lead generation up and running is…

You're Not Getting The RIGHT People To See Your Offers or Your Business.

If you've not specifically defined your target market, even better your specific ‘Customer Avatar' you'll end up wasting countless advertising dollars and enormous amounts of your own time, effort and energy.

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The Importance Of Knowing Your Target Audiencegraph

Before you create ANYTHING online, in fact before you have any kind of interaction with your prospect or target audience, you MUST first know who they are.

You need to know their struggles, their needs, their wants, their desires. There is a very important reason for this. You can't sell a drill to someone unless they need to make a hole!

So, if you are trying to promote your program or products to absolutely EVERYONE it will be much more difficult.

You will probably face a great deal more rejection, than if you are only promoting to people who are actually in your target audience. These are people who are actually want or even NEED what you are promoting!

This is known as defining your ‘Customer Avatar' or ‘Perfect Customer'

Remember this:

  • If you try to attract everyone you’ll end up attracting nobody
  • If you try to speak to everybody you’ll end up speaking to nobody

Your target market, or more specifically, your Customer Avatar allows you to hone your marketing message so it appeals to a “specific someone rather than a “generic everyone”.

As a result of having a very well defined Customer Avatar you will now be able to connect on an emotional level with your target audience.

Here Is an actual example to walk you through this process:

Example: If You Are Network Marketer

Your target audience will be other struggling network marketers or internet marketers.


First of all because you will understand the target market better if you, yourself are in it!

My recommendation is to promote a lead generation system, rather than your specific Network Marketing Company and here is why…

They will be suffering from the pains which a lead generation system heals. They will NEED people to talk to. They NEED to learn the skills of online marketing. Whatever the pain is they are suffering from.

You can therefore dig into the pain of your prospect by asking questions such as:

Are you tired of chasing your friends and family?
Are you unable to generate leads online?
Do you hear crickets when you call your sponsor for support?

A lead generation system such as Elite Marketing Pro or My Lead System Pro resolves these issues. So can be positioned in such a way that your prospect understands they NEED such a system because it resolves their pain.

These leads already understand the network marketing business model. They are struggling with their business. If you are the person who can provide them with a solution, you instantly become a person of authority and trust – you are the Problem Solver.

Ummm Angela what is the difference between these 2 lead generation systems?

Here’s the deal:

If you are looking to build your business online you need tools.  You need systems and tools you can leverage to be successful, especially when you are just starting out.  Elite Marketing Pro (EMP) and My Lead System Pro (MLSP) are great systems to leverage. Both will help you build your list and as I've said many times ‘the money is in the list.'

If you want to learn mainly paid marketing strategies, to be coached 1-on-1 and within a thriving community, then consider taking a look at EMP.

If you on a tight budget, looking for mindset training, personal development and again a thriving community then go with MLSP. It does have marketing training that will teach you paid methods, heck I have taught some of the paid marketing strategies inside of MLSP but the majority of the training is built around relationship building.

Heck if you just aren’t sure try them both out and see which one is a fit for you.  I actually support both and use both of them in my business. and both offer a very low cost, risk-free (no questions asked money back) trial.

Both programs have an affiliate program built in if you also want to share and make money on the side as an additional income stream.

Elite Marketing Pro – EMP with the addition of Ferny Ceballos offers a free 10 day bootcamp on Attraction Marketing called, Attraction Marketing Formula (AMF). AMF is a great option for many new affiliates to both learn through themselves and/or to promote as an irresistible offer to generate leads. Plus they now have coaching in place to walk you through.
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My Lead System Pro is where I started out when I first ventured online back in 2012. Back then I was just looking for a system to help me build my business online and MLSP fit that bill.
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Final Thoughts On Defining Your Target Audience or ‘Customer Avatar'

So, in conclusion, one of the main concepts you should be thinking about is…

‘What is the motivation of my Target Audience?'

That way your content, correspondence, social media posts etc will be more focused toward your customer avatar (target audience) needs, desires and motivation.

Then from time to time ask yourself…

  • Is my customer avatar defined well enough?
  • Is my content/correpondence specific enough?

Remember all your messaging needs to be aimed specifically towards your target audience.

That way you'll be much more likely to see results!


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