Kick-Start Your Facebook Fanpage In 4 Simple Steps

Maybe you've created a Facebook Fanpage (aka a Facebook business page) before – or maybe you haven't – perhaps you're not sure if you did everything right?

Or perhaps you simply want to kick-start your existing Fanpage?

Either way, this post is for you… because today I walk you through the process:

The post is Divided Into 2 Parts:

  • Part 1) How to Create a High-Converting Facebook Fanpage the Right Way.
    To ensure maximum exposure, engagement and ultimately conversion.
  • Then Part 2) I Walk You Through How to Kick-Start Your Page!

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Part 1 – How To Setup Your Facebook Page The Right Way

For Maximum Exposure, engagement and conversion

Step 1 : Go to “Create Page” Link

  • Click on arrow in top right corner
  • Choose ‘create page'


Or alternatively, I'll make it super easy for you 🙂 Just click here:

Step 2 : Choose a Facebook Fanpage Type:

Choose one of the following:


Step 3: Choose an Industry Specific Category:


Step 4 : Choose a Business Name – Pretty simple — yet SUPER important.

This depends entirely on your business-type.

If you are in the home-business industry or an affiliate marketer, I recommend using your own name  Your company does NOT need branding – You Do!

If you are marketing your own products and want to get your ‘brand' known, you might choose your business name instead.  Or again, it might be best to choose your own name.

Really think through how you want to be known, from a business perspective.  Remember your customers will only buy from you if they trust you.

Step 5: Agree to Facebook Pages Terms

Part 2: How To ‘Kick-Start' Your Page!kickstart

First, Set Up Page Information For Maximum Exposure, Engagement and Connectivity

There are many options to choose from when you are setting up your page.

Its important that you consider EXACTLY who is your target audience.
Who are you aiming to attract?
What is your main message and what type of business are you promoting?
Then make your choices based around those decisions.

1) Get your “vanity” url

This is super simple to-do — and every Facebook Business page should claim their url ASAP.

Having a custom URL for your page just gives you an easier way to tell people how to find it — and it also looks slicker and more professional. To obtain your custom URL, just head and choose it.

For example my URL is now

2) Follow the new Cover Photo Guidelines

Your profile picture and cover images are very important.  It is your images which really ‘brand you’!  So they need to be clean and simple, stand out from others and they MUST MUST MUST represent you and your business!

For example, if you are in a home-business or are an affiliate marketer and you represent another company(s) DON’T use their logo – they don’t need branding!

Use your own image or a picture which really represents you and how you want to be known and recognized.  If you are running a page which is your own business, then definitely use your company logo.  So think through who it is you are branding with your page.

As you can see from my example – I brand myself and limit the text. It is important to me and my brand that people know I'm a parent – so I include images of me with my twin girls. I include my website URL because it is important to my business for people to also visit my blog:


3. Optimize your Profile Image

People will only see your cover image if they leave the newsfeed and actually go over to your page, so it is very important, but your profile image is what your fans (and other FB users) see in the newsfeed when you communicate with them.

It is easily the most important image you have on Facebook.

I would suggest you not to have text in your profile picture, it will be very difficult to read.  Keep is clean and simple – and professional looking.

Ensure your profile image is:

  • high qualityprofile_002
  • easy to read & recognize
  • branded
  • consistent across all social platforms (Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, etc.)

If you follow major brands on Facebook, you'll quickly see that they almost all use their brand's logo as the profile image. They know what they're doing, in my opinion.

So please resist the temptation to add phone numbers, URLs, bullet points, etc. in your profile image.

Keep it simple, recognizable & branded.

4. Post Regularly Throughout the Day… but Don't Over Post!

It is important that you post regularly, I usually suggest 1 to 4 times per day, every day – including weekends!

For an easy way find viral posts – to rapidly increase organic (free) social media reach I recommend PostPlanner

The optimum posting frequency depends a little upon your business, there's no “magic” number of posts you should be publishing every day. So experiment with this and see what gets you the best results.  Click on the ‘insights’ button and make sure you are not getting too many people who ‘hide your posts’ and that you are getting likes, shares and comments.

*** If you are posting 20 times per day & seeing lots of engagement, by all means keep doing it!

And if your page attracts fans from around the globe, you should be publishing your posts at the appropriate times in all time zones.

Another tip is to always have 1 post which is running a ‘boost post’ ad. This will really boost the engagement on your page and help to build your brand.

Like everything, it will take some testing and tweaking to see how often you should post to your particular page – it depends on the page and the audience.

Final Tips:

Remember Facebook gives you access to very powerful insights once you have a certain number of fans built up.  I recommend that you setup and run a ‘Page Likes Ad' which is within your affordable budget.

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