5 Tips To Avoid The Deadly Information Overload!

What Is Information Overload and Is There a Cure?

We've all done it… whether you are building your business online or offline, or a mix of both, you are ‘drawn in' to a course!  It might be one you pay for, or it might be a ‘free offer'.  You think to yourself ‘Yes! This is it! If I learn this one new strategy I will achieve success in my business!'

Then before you know it, you have several courses, you've attended several webinars, you've bought several products… and you're lost! You feel overwhelmed with all the new information and don't know where to start!

So what can you do to prevent information overload?

Here Are My Top 3 Tips:

1- Focus! Focus onlearning just 1 online marketing strategy. Pick one course or marketing platform to learn from. Go through it ENTIRELY from beginning to end. Take notes and Implement what you learn.  Leave all the others for now. I recommend you start on picking 1 social media platform as through 1 good all-round course you will learn how to build your brand and generate some leads.

2 – Stop purchasing or opting into any further training courses for now.  Be strong.  Remember these things come up all the time! Clever copywriting might suggest it is a ‘one of a kind' course, which will be ‘taken down soon'… but at the end of the day… there WILL be another one coming along soon! (I share a couple I personally own, have used and recommend at the bottom)

(Eeeek am I giving away all the top secret ‘scarcity' marketing tips all us marketers use here? lol)

3 – Have a daily routine.  Your daily routine can be set by you, and include the one training course which you have picked, but you need to stick to it!  Here are some suggestions of what you could include:

  • Exercise daily – exercise does so much for you and your self-esteem!  You will have more energy, a clearer head and generally feel happier about your day.  The great part is that you can do part of your daily routine at the same time… listen to a mindset audio or part of the training you have chose.
  • Respond to all social media engagement, enquiries, Email engagement (in fact ANY engagement – as long as its positive lol) from your followers and leads.
  • Create content when you learn something new. e.g. a short video, social media post, Email or a blog post.
  • Work on your mindset – this might be reading part of a book or listening to an audio
  • Continue to learn – Do part of the course which you have selected to focus on.  I suggest you start with learning about traffic or lead generation (on ONLY 1 platform e.g. Facebook) and also learn how to effectively follow up and build your brand (on that SAME platform)
  • Only devote around 10 to 20% or your available time to each of the above – this will devide your time in a sensible way.

Watch the video below to clarify:

By sticking to a daily routine and focusing your learning, you should be able to avoid information overload!

If you would like some guidance as to courses I have personally bought, use and value for my business – here are my personal suggestions:
For Facebook Marketing: Facebook Advertising Mastery
For Instagram Marketing: Insta Lead Magic
For Copywriting: The Copywriters Guild

To Help With All Lead Generation (Traffic) Strategies: Traffic Masters Academy





  • Paula

    Reply Reply May 20, 2016

    Also, I belong to a community of bloggers and we try to comment on each others content. I could invite you, if you like. It is called PAC and has lots of British bloggers

  • Paula

    Reply Reply May 20, 2016

    Information overload is big. So we must discipline our time to avoid it…awesome point you shared, thanks.

    • Angela Boswellblog

      Reply Reply June 1, 2016

      Thanks for your comment Paula. And yes please to the offer on your other comment 🙂

    • Angela Boswellblog

      Reply Reply June 1, 2016

      Thank you for your constructive comment Paula. And yes please to your PAC offer. Thanks 🙂

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