Easy Way To Increase Organic Social Media Reach – Fast!

 At the beginning of 2016 I decided, for a variety of reasons, I would start a brand-new Facebook Page.


Many people at the time thought I was crazy to be abandoning a Page with approaching 10,000 likes to start again.

Well… here is why my experience will benefit you. You see, I've quickly been able to build up an active following again.

In this post I share with you exactly how I was able to build up my following and organic reach fast – primarily using 1 simple tool.

More importantly, how you can do the same…

So let's dive in!

Easy Way To Increase Organic (free) Social Media Reach – Fast!

Here's the thing: I LOVE a good challenge.

Now, I was determined to see if I could regain reach (without heavily depending on ads).

How could I do that?

I considered the possibilities, then decided: I would put Post Planner To the Test!

Let me show you how you too can use Post Planner to rapidly increase your organic reach on social media.

In the video below I take you inside the platform itself to show you around:

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1. Set up Post Planner to schedule a daily posts to your Page

You can easily find and schedule daily posts, days or even weeks in advance.


The content provided is fresh, proven content. All you need to do is select the posts, click on ‘share' and voila – content which has already proven viral will post to your page.

Easily select from a variety of categories: quotes, engaging, interesting, funny, business, marketing, top news, random:



2. Use Visual Posts

Since visual posts tend to stand out, I recommend you add in quotes and other suggested visual content.

The posts are really easy to find and schedule with Post Planner.

My first truly ‘viral' post appeared on March 3rd – with over 105 likes, comments and shares!

Just 3 months into a brand new Facebook Page!


Another thing I noticed: After this win, I saw a dramatic increase in reach for other posts.

Let’s call it the “3rd March” effect!

3. Use Link Posts

I suggest you use a variety of posts – images, links and also some text-only status updates.

Analytics told me link posts were received quite well on my Page.

So I added link shares into my plan and included content Post Planner suggested as well as some of my own content from my blog.


4. Include A Couple Of Personal Posts…

Don't overdo the personal posts, however people do want to see into your life a little – get to know the real ‘You'

Plus, personal posts tend to draw comments — and comments help build reach.

Yes, you can even use Post Planner to schedule in your own personal posts :)Always monitor your Page for effect. The results I get may not be the same as the results you will get.

5. Survey Your Results and Tweak Your Plan

Remember, with all social media accounts the results can vary. Meaning, one type of post might do really well on my page and another type on yours. So keep an eye on your insights and adjust your plan.

Using PostPlanner can create these results for your page:

  • You can stop micro-managing your Page and saved HUGE on time investment
  • Become comfortable with selecting posts in advance (scheduling)
  • Choose top content already vetted by Post Planner
  • Take advantage of Post Planner Insights to monitor progress

The process has allowed me to watch Post Planner in action — to see what it can do even if the starting point is a brand new Facebook Page.

So when someone asks me why I'm so enthusiastic about Post Planner, I can tell them — from my own experience — exactly why.

So I recommend you Click Here to use Post Planner to save yourself countless time, effort and energy and quickly increase your social media reach.

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