3 Powerful Steps To Define YOU Amid The Noise Online

In order to succeed with literally ANY business online or offline people MUST know who you are and exactly what you do!

More importantly, it must be crystal clear to people how you or your products or services with help them.

Skip this step… your business will fail… I've been there myself and I've seen it from others.

In the video below I share 3 powerful questions you must first answer.

Then I break the questions down and provide concrete examples…

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The 3 Steps You Must Take To Define YOU Among The Noise Online

  1. What is your end goal? Do you sell digital products/ are you a local business/ a home-business owner/ an affiliate marketer?
    All 4 are very different markets, but people often make the mistake of using a blanket ‘online marketing' approach. Setting up a website, promoting on social media – unfortunately its not that simple.
  2. What exactly do you do? What do you Stand for?
  3. What exactly is your product or service? More importantly, How will it help your audience?

Let's Run Through Some Examples:

For example…

If your business is in health and wellness and your main product is a weight-loss product. To attract people interested in that niche. You need to be educating them on all things related to weight-loss.

So provide tips and strategies to help them to lose weight and have a healthy diet. Become the ‘goto person' for them.

Do this, and when you DO promote your products you've already provided value, built up trust and most important, you've defined the struggle your product or service will solve!
The actual ‘sale' is then much more simple. People will be primed to buy from you/ join you.

The Process Is Exactly The Same For Any Niche

Travel/finance/childcare… it doesn't matter what it is.

If you're an affiliate marketer specialise in helping others to become successful online marketers.

Local business such as a coffee shop. Educate people about the benefits of different coffees or eating natural baked goods.

The Key

First you educate and build up trust.

Then position your products/services as something which will solve a problem, which you've uncovered, for your target audience.

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