Keep It Simple… The Key To Create A Following… Who Buys From You!

How To Build An Online Audience Which Stays With You…(and buys!)

Most people who enter into this industry, and the majority who enter the online marketing world, have little or no prior experience.  They might have little marketing skills. They might have limited skills online.  Even if they are very proficienct in one of these 2 areas, very few actually come in fully equiped in both.

So it is hardly surprising that the majority of people therefore, feel overwhelmed very quickly.  Those who are proficient, are out there creating top quality, highly technical ‘stuff”, which the majority of people can't even begin to get their heads around.

The Good News Is – It none of it has to be complicated!

You do not need to use highly technical ‘stuff' to succeed online. You do not need to spend yourself broke, by outsourcing everything you come across and therefore believe that you need… That stuff does work! But if it is not for you, that's OK.

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Let's Break It All Down And Keep It Simple

When you are marketing your business online, it might be an MLM business, or an affiliate marketing tool or similar, what you need is PEOPLE to view your offer and then to trust you enough to buy from you.  The best scenario is that those people then stay with you and continue to buy from you over and over again.

So you need to build and audience, then you need to deliver value to that audience on a regular basis and mass-communicate with them.  You CAN do that using very complicated and highly technical methods – and there is nothing wrong with that. In fact, there are people make a LOT of money using one of the many, more technical online methods, such as SEO.  However, you can also build an audience, starting today, simply by going out and ‘talking' to people online.  It can be very simple.  You can meet people on Facebook, you can meet people on Instagram – or any of the other social media networks.

Doesn't That Take Longer? Don't People Want to See All The Cool Graphics?!

The problem which comes with having all the cool technical graphics, video intros, marketing funnels etc, is that the majority of people don't feel they can duplicate.  They are, perhaps on a subconscious level, often scared off by the thought they will need to produce the same to get the same results.

Meeting 10 people per day through a combination of chatting to people for a few mins on Facebook and also posting a few times on Istagram and then interacting with the commentors, is not technical or difficult.  And it also works!  You just need to do it in a natural way, be interested in them.  Talk to them… and listen… Just like you would if you met them on the street.

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