The Keys To Your Online Success

What Are The Keys To Your Online Success? How Do You Get There?

There are basically 3  parts to the puzzle of online marketing, so there really is not just one ‘Key'.  To start to see results you do not need to be a master at any of those parts, you simply need to get started and take consistent daily action on all 3…

1 – You need to build an online audience

2 – You need to provide value to that audience so that they stay with you, keep opening up your E-mails/engaging on your Facebook page/returning to your blog or however else you have decided to engage with your audience (you do NOT need to do it all!)

3 – You need to learn how to craft offers in such a way that people purchase from you or join you in your business

If all of this sounds overwhelming… Don't Worry!! At the bottom I talk about what you can do if you are new or need to gain confidence.

I clarify this in the video below:

How To Build An Online Audience

There are 2 main directions to take this – both work well, but both are very different.  One is to be an ‘internet marketer', creating info products, doing paid advertising, and generally concentrating on ‘lead generation'.

The other is to become more of an ‘online networker', you are still getting leads, but you are doing this by actually meeting people. This can be through social media or other ‘networking' strategies.

Content creation comes into both areas, but for the ‘internet marketer' the emphasis is on getting the content to rank in the search engines.

How To Provide Value To Your Audience

Again, there are several ways to do this. Again, you do not need to become a master of everything…

You can provide value through a blog, articles, videos, Facebook or other social media channels or E-mails.  I recommend you build your E-mail list no matter where your concentration lies.

What Are The Keys To Crafting Your Offers

Arguably, the main skill here is copy writing.  Of course, copy writing comes into everything you do, so some might actually argue it is the main key overall.

But Angela I'm New! How Do I Do All Of That?!

If all of that sounds a lot more complicated than it was made to sound when you ‘chased that shiny object' and ended up online… don't worry.  Everyone was new at one time – there are ways to work around this!  For example, you can provide 3rd party value. It is very easy to find and share useful training from YouTube videos.  People will still thank you for sharing the training!  The same goes with useful blog posts.  Find and share!

As you gain confidence, you will find you will begin to jump in front of that camera yourself, or write a blog post yourself.

For ‘crafting your offers'.  At the beginning, the majority of the work is done for you here.  All you need to do is to point people in the direction of the offers, the capture pages/sales pages should be done for you, if you are selecting the right offers.  Again, as you gain confidence, you might want to create your own product, but this is not necessary at all!

As for learning how to build your audience – as I say in the video – you only need to learn and master one method to do this.

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