The Power of E-mail Marketing – How To Get Started? How Exactly Does It Work?

What is E-mail Marketing? Why Should You Be Doing It?

When you are marketing on the internet, there is no point doing anything unless you have an audience to market to!   Shouting about what you are doing or how to achieve success on the internet is pointless if you are in the middle of a forest with no-one listening…

So the first thing everyone needs to learn is how to reach that audience and to build it up… the top internet marketers have lists of thousands and thousands of  people who they can reach on a daily basis and target with a variety of offers.   Imagine simply having a few hundred people to reach out to…  to have the opportunity to build a relationship with and therefore talk to about your network marketing business or any other offers you might have… what difference would that make to your business?

The answer is – It makes ALL the difference!

The good news is – it is not difficult!  The first thing you need to focus on learning is ONE marketing strategy to build your business online.  The initial strategy I used (and still use widely today) was video marketing.  If you are interested in learning more about video marketing then grab this Free 5 Day Video Marketing Bootcamp, dive in and have fun!  There is no doubt in my mind this is the most powerful marketing strategy available.

Once you start to build your audience, you need to learn what to DO with them!  E-mail marketing is a very powerful way of reaching those people, building a relationship with them, sending them to places and offers YOU want to send them to and to MONETIZE that list.  Sound Good?  Yes it is as good as it sounds!

This video explains exactly how I use an E-mail auto-responder platform to reach people through the power of E-mail marketing:


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