How to Effectively Communicate With People – So That They Like You!

Some Tips To Effectively Communicate With People When You Are Talking To Them

When you are running any kind of a home-based business, communication is one of the key skills you need to succeed.  It is incredibly important!  You need people to actually WANT to listen to you when you talk.  When people want to continue to listen to you, your role as ‘business person' suddenly becomes a lot easier.  If people want to end a conversation with you quickly and walk away, you have no chance recruiting them into anything!

So what are some of the key elements to effective communication?

What I'm really talking about here, is how you ‘come across' to other people – how they perceive you when you first meet.  It is critical.  There are several important points to remember.  I actually recently learned these points from one of my favorite trainers – Ray Higdon.

When you are talking to someone, either on the phone or in person, it is important for that person to feel as if you are truly ‘present' in your conversation.  They need to really believe you are listening, with intent and purpose.  So how do you make sure you come across that way?

1 – Maintain eye contact.  Don't keep looking over their shoulder or in another direction.  When you speak to them, or when they are speaking, maintain eye contact.

2 – Give appropriate signals at appropriate times.  This works either on the phone or in person.  What I mean is, there is no point simply nodding or shaking your head all the time or saying ‘yes' at random times.  You need to be truly engaged and make appropriate comments at appropriate times.  This includes body language such as nodding, smiling etc.  Or vocal comments – don't just ‘go through the motions'.

3 – Remember the ‘belly button rule'.  Always point your belly button towards theirs!!

4 – Don't be afraid to ‘dig a little deeper'.  Further question what they are saying.  Or add more than just a one word comment to what they are saying.  Truly engage in the conversation.  Make them feel important – as if what they are saying is very important to you.

5 – Always try to be thinking about how you can help the person.  What can you offer them as a solution for them.  Hopefully, this will be your business opportunity, or an affiliate product or training product you are marketing.  If what you have to offer is really NOT going to be a solution for them at all, then try to think of something you can point them to which will be. It is amazing how many times, later down the road, people will come back to someone who has been truly helpful to them…

I hope this short blog post has been helpful to you today.  Communication is so important in this business!

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