You Cannot Achieve Success Without This One Element…

The Role of Personal Development – Is There An Even More Important Element To Success?!

Since starting in home business I have heard many people make the claim that ‘personal development is THE most important factor in success'.  While this post does not deny the importance of personal development to success, as well as the importance of training and learning, you do need to be really careful not fall into the ‘personal development trap' or the ‘learning trap'!  I believe, from what I have witnessed in my down line, that both of these areas of development, although important, can actually become a trap and that most people who do not achieve success are actually missing an even MORE vital element.   It is not personal development, it is not training, it is not leadership… sure they are all important… but the single-most important factor is simple – taking consistent ACTION!!

Developing Faith and Belief

I started to think this through when I was listening to a very popular personal development book, an audio book (a good option for busy people!) – ‘Think and Grow Rich', by Napoleon Hill. I was listening to his chapter on ‘faith' when my mind started to wander.  It got me thinking… if mindset training and personal development are so important in developing faith in yourself and in what you are doing, then why did I get to L3 leadership level in MLSP and onto the management team without ever opening up a personal development/mindset book in my life!

What it tells me, is that simply reading these books, doesn't actually get you results!  Now, I'm not saying anyone should stop reading them.  I do believe they play an important role – one that I was missing before I started to read them myself.  What I am saying is that there is a danger of getting stuck in the ‘personal development trap'!  Just as you can get stuck in the ‘learning trap'.  Both of these areas, although incredibly important, can also become some people's downfall… They are both missing the one ingredient which is even more important – the one ingredient which so many people seem to miss out – that is actually TAKING ACTION!!

Now, having faith in yourself and in what you are doing are obviously incredibly important.  However, faith and belief does not have to come from words in a book.  Take a look at the business you are in – ask yourself ‘Are there people achieving success?'   If you are looking at MLSP ‘Are there people who are achieving results?'  Look at your network marketing company or other home business ‘Are people achieving results?'  If the answer is ‘Yes', then surely you can see that it is possible!  This should give you faith and belief in the companies, in the business models, in the business opportunities.  Actual tangible proof that if you take certain steps, certain actions, you can achieve results!

What Sets The Leaders Apart From The Rest?

The one thing that sets these people apart from those who are not achieving results is that they are taking consistent action.  What's more, they are taking consistent action UNTIL they achieve results.  Not giving up when the going gets tough.  Not giving up because results might be minimal at times – in fact there might be times when it seems as if you are moving backwards!  Continue to take consistent action and you WILL GET THERE!

Then add in the ingredients of training and personal development and you have a ‘perfect storm'!!

I Am Taking Action … Now What?!

One final question which needs to be addressed is ‘what if I am taking consistent action and I'm STILL not getting very far?'  Almost certainly the answer is that you are not taking the correct action.  Don't stop! It probably just needs some re-direction.  There is no point at all taking massive action if it is in the wrong direction…  The answer is to look at the leaders.  Stop trying to re-invent the wheel – copy what the leaders are doing.  There are 2 ways to do that.

  • Find a leader out there who is willing to share with you what has given them results.  Many of the leaders are more approachable than you'd think, but you do need to qualify for their time by taking action! (even if in the wrong direction at first!)
  • Buy a course which has been created by one of those leaders.  You cannot make money in business without investing some money.  The leaders have created their courses to show you how to get results!

In conclusion, like everything in life, their is no one simple ‘key to success'.  The path will be a complex one, with many factors.   Personal development and training play an important role… but the most important single factor is that you NEED TO TAKE CONSISTENT ACTION!  So Start Today and I'll see you at the top!


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