Should You Approach Your Warm Market First… Or Is It Better To Wait?!

Should You Approach Your Warm Market First?

Wow, what a controversial question in network marketing!  There is no one correct answer to this one.  I would say it really depends on who you are, what your past experience has been and the relationships you have with your ‘warm market'.  It certainly makes sense to start with your warm market, if you have a positive relationship with them, because you have to start somewhere!  However, Ray Higdon recently made a very good point in one of his videos, and that is that you need to be careful with how you approach your warm market.

First of all, you must not be addicted to the outcome.  Just talk to them about the opportunity and then move on quickly if they are not interested.  You cannot have an emotional attachment to their decision either way.  Second, don't approach them about the ‘money' aspect of the opportunity – the compensation plan, or how much money you think you are going to make.  Ray, very rightly points out, that these people might not see you as a ‘money' person and suddenly you are talking to them about your opportunity in this way.  Instead, talk to them about the product, whatever that may be.  Make the product the ‘selling point' of the opportunity.

How Do You Approach People Outside Of Your Warm Market?

You might feel, very strongly, that you don't want to approach your warm market first.  You want to build up some experience first, and more importantly, some results, before you approach your warm market.  So, who do you approach first in this case?  Well, even if you do approach your warm market first, you will find yourself in this position at some point anyway.  Asking the question ‘Who do I talk to now?!” this point, whether it is before or after approaching your warm market, you need to learn how to actually market your business!  Rather than trying to chase down strangers in the supermarket or the shopping mall, doesn't it make sense to actually learn how to MARKET your business effectively?!  This could be online or offline, or it could be a combination of both.  Whichever you chooses, you need to learn how to market your opportunity and/or your products to your Target Market.  To people who are actually already interested in the kinds of things you are offering.  The target market might be based on the actual product or it might be people who are simply already interested in the network marketing business model. – or best of all BOTH!

In order to be able to market your business using effective marketing techniques you do first need to educate yourself on these strategies.  You need to learn how to achieve your desired results in an effective and leveraged way.

So how do you do that? I can share with you what I have used to educate myself.  I now generate between 20 and 30 targeted leads every day using attraction marketing methods.  You do need to be prepared to work at it and learn the ropes.  However, none of what I do is rocket science!  It just requires taking consistent action and being prepared to invest a small amount of money on some training.

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So whatever you decide… warm market first or warm market after you achieve a certain amount of success, at some point you need to learn how to market effectively and efficiently in order to actually achieve your success.  Don't worry – YOU CAN DO IT! Just be prepared to take some action because there really in so magic bullet in this industry.

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