When Are You Ready For a New Online Marketing Strategy?

Should You Continue To Focus on One Online Strategy? Or are you ready to branch out?

I have talked in previous posts of the importance of focus.   When people talk of focus in regards to network marketing/MLM they are talking about focusing on the learning of one strategy or skill at a time.  The majority of people who enter into the world of MLM have had little or no prior experience in the business or marketing world. Even if they do have marketing experience, many have not had experience of online marketing.  Therefore it involves a steep learning curve for many people.  This can quickly lead to a state of overwhelm.  blogpostWhich can ultimately cause many people to quit, before they have really even started! So, it is certainly important to focus at the beginning, when you first start marketing your business online. I whole-heartely endorse and practise myself the principles of attraction marketing for my business.  I therefore, market a generic marketing system upfront which attracts and generates leads for my MLM business, while at the same time, produces a second stream of income for myself and my family.  No matter what you decide to market upfront, if you decide to market online, whether that be in conjunction with offline strategies or not, you are going to need to focus on learning just one strategy at the beginning.  This might be video marketing (my primary strategy), Facebook marketing, blogging, article marketing, paid advertising or another online strategy of your choice.  If you are feeling overwhelmed just reviewing the list of possibilities – Worry no more and go HERE to use the training and marketing system I use to teach me absolutely EVERYTHING needed.

So When Is It a Good Time To Branch Out? How Do You Know?

Opinion is divided about exactly when is a good time to branch out and add another online strategy to compliment the one you have so far learned.  In my personal opinion, the time is when you are both comfortable with the strategy you have been learning, and you are achieving consistent results with that strategy.  I believe this to be when you are generating between 3 to 5 leads per day, every day, through that one strategy. Remember, adding a second strategy does NOT need to mean double the work.  All the strategies interrelate.  For example, if you have been concentrating on video marketing, you have been doing some research for each video and writing a video script.  It is therefore, not difficult to take that research and write a blog post.  You can then put that video directly onto your blog too.  If you had a strong call to action in your video marketing video (as you should) you can either edit it out, or quickly record a 2nd video without the call to action – for the blog.  Facebook marketing also interrelates, you can post videos or you can incorporate them into your Facebook ads. You can also ‘cheat' with your branching out.  I highly recommend outsourcing whatever you can.  I outsource a great deal, and it does not need to cost you much money.  You can outsource SEO, blog creation, Facebook page creation as well as numerous other things.  O'Desk has worked well for me and so had Fiverr.com.  Use these sites wisely and carefully and you can find excellent people and resources!

Why Should You Branch Out?

There are several reasons.  One reason is that you are talking about the internet.  It is constantly changing and evolving, and is a place where all of your stuff can potentially be shut off at the push of a button!!  This is unlikely, but if you are a video marketer for example, your YouTube channel could get shut down (I recommend having more than one channel for this reason).  If you are relying on one source of lead generation, this can hurt you a great deal more than if you have branched out and are using 2 or 3 strategies. Another reason for branching out is that is improves your credibility online and therefore it improves your overall results.  Of course your results can be directly improved by adding a 2nd or 3rd strategy because your lead flow will almost certainly increase too!

So, in a brief conclusion to this post.  I recommend getting online and getting busy.  I could NOT have even begun online without the training and resources provided by MLSP My Lead System Pro.  Focus on learning one online strategy at first, whichever strategy resonates with you as a person and a marketer.  Then, when you are getting consistent results with that one strategy, branch out into another strategy.  Work efficiently and effectively by taking advantage of the cross-over between the strategies as well as out-sourcing tasks when and where you can.

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