Can We All ‘Dare To Live Without Limits’?!

Today's post is based on something I read in an excellent book ‘Dare to Live Without Limits', by Bryan Golden.  With a name like that he was destined to write motivational texts!  His book outlines 10 interrelated principles which will help you to achieve success in your life.  The principals can relate to every aspect of your life and can all be transferred into how you approach your business.  The 3 principles I examine in further detail below, if applied to your life and your business, can absolutely turn things around in terms of your success… particularly your success in your home-based business.

What I really like about the book is that it is incredibly effective, but at the same time is very easy to read.  It can be picked up and read at any time, in any order.  Just a few minutes per day reading from a book like this can really improve your outlook on life and thus your chance at success.  Of course it takes more than simply reading a book to obtain results – it requires following up with sincere and

consistent action.  Through the consistent application of these principles to your life and your business you will, no doubt, see many positive results.

I will list the 10 principles and then look more closely at 3 of them which can be applied directly to building your home-based business.  The 10 principles are:

  • You are what you think about
  • Set goals
  • Plan how to reach your goals
  • All we have is today
  • Ne
    ver ever give up
  • Education never ends
  • Control your own emotions
  • Guard your time
  • Have an attitude of gratitude
  • What you project you receive

Plan How to Reach Your Goals

You need to see the ‘big picture' when you approach your business.  Bryan Golden points out that goals can seem overwhelming and unreachable if they are not broken down into a series of small, manageable steps.  The worst thing you can do is to do nothing… Often it is the mere thought of the immensity of what stands between you and your ultimate goal (business success!) which prevents people from taking any action.  So break it down – take baby steps.  As I touched on in my last post ‘slow and steady actually wins the race'.  By taking just a little bit of action each day you are working towards your goal.  If you never start, you will never get there!  If you think about it in this way, it doesn't really matter how long it takes to achieve that ultimate goal because time will go by regardless of whether or not you are pursuing your goals.  Create that list of small, achievable steps, and get started now, today!

Never Ever Give Up

This is important to remember as you approach your business day-to-day.  In his book, Bryan Golden makes some interesting points – You never know around which corner or beyond which obstacle your success lies.  Too often people start to work towards that goal, but they give up just as they are starting to get somewhere!  Things might not work out as quickly as you would have likes – but does this really matter?  Focus your energy and always keep your goals in sight.  He also talks about how everything worthwhile always takes effort, so never expect things to be easy.  Remember is is actually more difficult to endure a life of unrealized potential than to work toward success… Don't let your perceived slow progress put you off.  If you can see even the tiniest bit of success, that you are moving in the right direction, then keep on moving.  Never give up!!

What You Project You Receive

This is so relevant when thinking about a home-based business.  You have no actual boss.  You have chosen to do what you are doing, so you need to choose how you project yourself to others!  Bryan points out that a good attitude and good actions attract good people and good situations.  It is important you remember the importance of helping other people get what they are striving for.  It is when you give without the expectation of receiving that rewards will follow.  So go out there and provide that value to others.  Through whatever media you choose : your blog, videos, live training, webinars.  If all of this sounds too difficult for the time being, perhaps you are new to the business, then leverage the work of others.  Hands down the best place for this is to utilise the marketing system which has been designed with EXACTLY this in mind.  Find it here!

If you are waiting for your situation to improve before your attitude improves, you will be waiting a very long time.  Whatever your situation, attitude always precedes results.  Whatever your circumstances are, you can improve them.



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