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In this post I hope to outline some of the most useful MLM tips I have gained during my time in this business.  When I started out in Network Marketing, like most, I tried to ‘sell' my products and my business opportunity up front.  Of course while this approach works for some, I failed miserably.  I was lucky enough to stumble upon (although these days I don't understand how anyone can miss!) Mike Dillard and his ‘attraction marketing model' pretty early on in my efforts.  Reading all of his advice and MLM tips, turned not only my ideas and approach around 180 degress, but in doing so, turned my business around.  There are now hundreds of resources out there which teach similar concepts – why? Quite simply because they work! The gurus have proved that, so you don't have to.  These MLM tips all relate to the attraction marketing model.

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People will NOT be buying into the products or the opportunity you present, they will be buying into YOU! You need to believe in the opportunity and act like a leader to your prospects.  You need to have an ‘abundance mentality'.  In the words of Mike Dillard ‘He who cares the least, holds the power.'  So what does that mean?  Quite simply, it means that you need to let go of any emotional attachment  you have had in the past, to a person's decision about whether they will join your opportunity.  The worst thing you can do for your posture is to appear ‘needy'.

Develop that mindset and you will suddenly appear more confident in what you are saying .  You will appear to be a leader – someone people will follow.  Have the mindset that you are helping people, not just selling to them.  Do NOT focus on the selling.  Do not focus on the product or opportunity.  Start off by asking questions – plenty of them!  Find out people's wants and needs.  Develop a relationship with your prospects by offering advice and tips up front.  Then, when the time is right, emphasize the various ways your opportunity could provide a solution to your prospect's problems.  This will make it, and you much more desirable!


If you are well informed about your own company and products it is easier for you to remain positive when talking to a lead or prospect.  It is vital that you do remain positive and this includes body language.  If it is a face-to-face meeting don't shake your head or otherwise give negative indication.  Look confident.  This will all come much more naturally to you if you take your time when selecting a company in the first place.  It is important to test your products before starting in a business.  You need to like and believe in them in order to portray this belief to others.


Remember your reasons for starting in your business opportunity in the first place.  Write down your ‘why'.  Write down your list of goals and display them clearly so that you can see them and be reminded of them every day.  Set your working hours – whatever you can manage.  Write them down and stick to them – even if they are not long hours.  At the start, most of your results will be produced by you.  Further down the line your success will also depend on your support for others.

There are many other MLM tips out there.  I will write a blog post very soon outlining further useful MLM tips which have helped me in by business and so I am sure will be helpful MLM tips for you and your business too!


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  • Nelson Rodriguez

    Reply Reply June 17, 2013

    Great article. These three tips are definitely THEE foundation of running any successful enterprise.

    • angelahardy

      Reply Reply June 30, 2013

      Thank you for your comment Nelson. I’m glad you enjoyed the post!

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