Internet Network Marketing: Build Your MLM Online With 3 Simple Strategies

Internet Network Marketing Does Not Have to Lead to Overwhelm…

There are so many options and routes to take on the immense stage that is the internet, they can quickly overwhelm even the most ‘internet savvy' of us.  That feeling of being overwhelmed can prevent many of us from ever really ‘taking action'.  This can ultimately lead to many people simply giving up and leaving the industry.  Internet network marketing can, if approached the right way, lead to huge growth in your home business.

First and foremost, in order have any long-lasting success with network marketing, be it online or offline, you must take a step back from your own ‘business opportunity'.  STOP promoting your business upfront and instead offer people value.  Provide solutions to their problems and establish yourself as someone who takes the lead and helps people (see my post on MLM Tips for further advice on this topic).

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When approaching internet network marketing, choose just one method and focus on it.  This way you won't let all those other options overwhelm you.  A quick, simple and ‘non-techy' place to start is marketing forums, or a similar alternative could be Facebook or other social media platforms.  Use these to find like-minded people who are having problems which need a solution.  Find people who are asking questions or otherwise presenting with problems they are experiencing with their marketing strategies.  Take some time to read the questions/problems and also to note down the given solutions.  Take some time to connect with people – not to try to ‘sell to them'!  Simply to find things you have in common and to strike up a conversation with them.  You are on a marketing forum, so these conversations can lead to relationships which can (and often do) eventually lead to business partnership on some level.


Later, re-visit forums or social networking sites to offer people these noted down solutions yourself.  Follow-up on conversations you started earlier.  Ask questions, find out peoples problems and issues and offer solutions from your notes.  Use this strategy alongside any tips, tricks or strategies you pick up from any other sources, such as tutorials or training, to help and guide people in their internet network marketing efforts.

You will be amazed at how quickly you can position yourself as a leader and as someone who provides true ‘value' to others.  The secret here, the key that most ‘gurus' don't mention, is that not all that many people actually bother to take this kind of action and to learn these ‘solutions' or ‘tips'.  So you will find you very quickly know more that the average marketer out there.  You can quickly build up trusting relationships this way and thus, then start to sign people up to your business opportunity!  These are the type of people who WANT and are perhaps even searching for the kind of opportunity you are offering.  Therefore, they are exactly the kind of people who will perform and stay with your business long-term.


Once you get comfortable with building up relationships through forums and social networking sites and once you start signing people up this way and thus getting a huge boost to your confidence (it WILL happen!), you can then start to focus on other forms of internet network marketing.  Perhaps create a blog to share what you have learned or create videos.  Videos can be run independently or as part of your blog.  You will find you can do the research for some content once and turn that information in several things without doing much more work – an article, a blog post and a video can all be created from one piece of research.

This is when you can really start to ‘brand yourself' and create a name and reputation for yourself as a leader who provides solutions.  This is when you can really start to ‘brand yourself' and create a name and reputation for yourself as a leader who provides solutions.  This is when you will see your business really start to EXPLODE!


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