What is MLM? The Straightforward Answer You Are Looking For!

 How Does an MLM Work? Is it Worth Joining An MLM?

In this post I outline the basic definition of Multi Level Marketing answering the question ‘What is MLM?'  I also venture, in part, into the benefits of having your own MLM company.  MLM stands for Multi-Level Marketing.  Other terms used are Network Marketing or even referral marketing.  What is MLM? MLM allows anyone to build a home-based business without a large upfront investment.  It is a genius system for doing so which is so simple anyone can do it!

The low entrance threshold for MLM has obvious advantages to many, but unfortunately also means that many people enter the world of network marketing unable or unwilling to put in the necessary hard work and dedication it takes to succeed in the industry.  These people more often than not ‘fail' 2 or 3 months after entrance and then blame the industry or their particular company for their ‘failures'.

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So What Is MLM?

Simply put, MLM is a distribution system, or form of marketing, which channels goods or services from the manufacturer to the consumer through a ‘network' of independent distributors or consultants.  It is an amazingly effective system which cuts out the ‘middle man' found in most industries.

Rather than a product going through the lengthy and expensive process of manufacturer – wholesaler – warehouse – retailer, via advertising, the products go straight to the consumer via these independent distributors.  The advertising and retailing budgets are instead paid to the individuals who ‘spread the word' and also back into the research and development of the products.  So they tend to be of a higher quality than standard retail brands.

What is MLM? When you join and MLM company you are ‘signing up' to represent a company's product or services and business opportunity.  You are not being hired by the company as an employee, but rather you're volunteering to represent the company as a business owner, representative or consultant.  You can run your business from home, without paying a huge franchise fee, or investing in product research, buying a large inventory or worrying about employees.  Very importantly, an MLM company benefits from your success.  The more successful you are, the more successful the company will be.  So it is in the interest of the company to have a helpful support network to teach you how to run your business as well as a generous compensation play in place to reward you for your efforts. So that you stay with them.

What is MLM?  MLM is a very fair method of distribution.  It is a scalable business which enables individuals to benefit from their own efforts and from teaching others how to build a business income.  Companies around the globe spend billions of dollars on advertising and retailing.  In an MLM business the advertising and retailing budgets are paid out to the individuals who ‘spread the word' instead.

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